hour of penance – sedition

Artist: Hour of Penance
Record: Sedition
Label: Prosthetic
Year: 2012
Wiki: hablas no espanol 

Delivering what seems to be indistinguishable noise with lack of transitional distinction. A forethought of my first time listening to this album. With a hook line sinker “cannibal gods” I refused to give up on this. My persistence proved to be a rewarding, yet disappointing (the album ends too soon). Of course the lyrics are delivering a poisonous corruption of impressionable minds, to suppose the ideas of evil have some kind of nobility in the further existence of the human race. It’s novelty I can appreciate that. The music is fast ferocious, and after a while you will be chanting along with chorus sections. Melodic guitar solos hum along to the brutality. The drummer is a mad man pushing along this merciless beast. If you can tolerate ignorant rhetoric, to music that destroys in comparison to anything released in this generation, I cannot recommend this enough.

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