I had a dream last night about heroin. I was in a house with this asian family (I have no idea why, or who they are) I was standing with this boy, when I was called by this older asian women. Me and boy ran to the door, and I stopped the boy with me and kind of angrily said “she called for me!”. So I walk into the room and the older women draws me over and tells me that she has something for me. There is something that needs to be made mention about this scene. She said this in such a dramatic way, like it was the sense that she was helping me. So she reveals this circular case and it has a bag of some brown heroin, and a bag of white. I really cant for the life of me remember what she said when she showed this to me, but it was the most beautiful and calming feeling. I knew that when she administered this into my body that I would be dead. This is when a girl came in (asian girl), and we all got around and we started singing a worship song about jesus, it was a song I know that I remember hearing before, but cant really say for sure what it is. I started crying hard, like just instantly feeling all of the guilt and shame of everything I have done in my life, and that I was now going to face my creator.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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