To conquer life, you must abandon the fear of death

To conquer life, you must abandon the fear of death. Fear is nothing more than a corrupted imagination. The first humans to walk the earth, knew nothing of fear, they just knew survival. We have erased that primitive instinct with the comfort of the western world. The television set, and movies have warped the mind of instinct and have in place put another mans corrupted idea of reality. We have no control how we respond to the images, but they live in us and take hold of the way we live on this earth. This is not an argument, merely an observation I have formulated.

Remember at the core of all we do, it all comes down to relationship. We yearn and long for human companionship. Ideas and beliefs are merely the dictatorship, that separates us. I understand the intention of our forefathers, who wanted to move us past the primitive and into a more civilized world. But this current generation is pressing further into apathy and nihilism. Morals are now subjective, and no longer intrinsic.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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