targeting an audience or self interest?

The fact that this is public material that I post, is no doubt a benefit of accumulating some kind of an audience, whether I want to admit it or not. Yes this is no doubt for my own interest and archival purposes, but it would be nice to garner a audience who can appreciate this with me. Self righteous indignation? I honestly don’t think so. With this all being said I think this blog is far too broad and it doesn’t really have a centralized theme, and it’s hard to gain an audience when by first impression alone, I bet most people just open the site and think “what the hell is this?” and then leave.

I am still uncertain of the purpose of this blog, and am really going to do some thinking about how I can make this something enjoyable, not only for myself, but for other people. Or maybe just continue doing what I am doing, and see where things lead up to. All the same, I enjoy the idea of a blog focused around music, writing and art. Which I do suppose has been the central theme all along.

About Trevor Markiv

wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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