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Artist: Defeated Sanity, Album: Chapters of Repugnance, Label: WillowtipYear: 2010, Wiki: derka derka jihad
The German death metal band Defeated Sanity was one of those random picks I grabbed from the willowtip roster and wasn’t overly impressed with their sound until I listened to Chapters of Repugnance a very chaotic and brutal form of death metal, very reminiscent to me what the (US)Disgorge was trying to do. This is no frills, little distinction from track to track, but for some reason this keeps me interested from start to finish. I don’t think I can use enough adjectives to expound upon this already brutal delivery. Let me just put it simply in matters of regards to musical delivery, vocal approach and lastly the overall package and presentation of the content. Firstly the music as described beforehand is your standard fare of early brutal death metal, I want to say nothing exciting here but it actually does offer a new refreshing dose to the genre. The vocals are standard fare, low gutturals that sound great. Cover and package is your typical generic death metal fare, anti-human art. Overall this album does deliver great brutal metal that is perfect for the gym and/or feeding those nihilistic thoughts of a bleak existence. All kidding aside its a good album, and probably one of the best modern brutal death metal albums I have heard since Cannibal Corpse’s, “Butchered at Birth”. Highly recommended if you are a death metal fan. 

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