I look at my stats every once in a while via the blogger.com dashboard and I found my site is liked and linked from the following blog…


I think it’s cool that the only attention my blog gets is from online scams. Ok maybe that’s a little harsh. After little investigation the following blog leads to the site where you can supposedly make $100’s writing reviews and articles for some 3rd party. Sounds great right? well the only catch is that there is a fee to join this, and there is no guarantee you will make any substantial money. So I am assuming that the following blog that linked me was made by a bot or somebody who just mass builds blogs and then draws attention to other blogs, in hopes that the poor sob’s will sign up through them.

I imagine that the blog was either made by the company that supposedly pays you to make the articles, or it is made by a person who gets money from the company for refferals. I know this is all pretty obvious, and it doesn’t take Columbo to figure out. Peace outside!

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