sympathetic cowards

You criticize, you ostracize, poke and prod – place the blame, on the shoulders of the humans of this race who don’t carry your weight with you or share in your convictions. I don’t understand when political affiliation dictates your personal beliefs. There is a force beyond this life, way beyond space and time that reflects a nature of goodness, whether we want to accept it or not. If you ask me the conservatives are the one’s hiding the most skeletons, and the leftists “slobs” are the ones who lay it all out on the table, they let you see what they are. Though it would ignorant to view as a whole political affiliation has anything to do with how an individual lives their life. I find most views like this, a reverberating echo of my cynicism, an experiential verbal frustration with my existence thus far.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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