Incantation Diabolical Conquest and death metal gimmick wtf?!

Artist: Incantation
Record: Diabolical Conquest
Label: RelapseNuclear Blast
Year: 1998
Wiki: because wikipedia is accurate and right

There are death metal bands that are unique to a specific sound, and they are uncompromising by the sway of change and influence. They are in and of themselves a unique product that stands individually. One of those bands is Incantation, their blend of slow doom and melodic death metal, is compared by any other death metal band in my opinion they offer a very raw and unique sound. And probably their greatest release being “Diabolical Conquest”, is what I will be talking about in this post.

This album has so many memorable moments in its 28 minute time span. From the first track to the end of the cd, you will be experiencing an earful of something that can only be described as disgustingly beautiful. The moments of dark doom parts, and then lead into a barrage of blasts and guitar churning, all melting together in a great mix. I can’t understand a damn word he is saying, and I don’t necessarily care to. Its funny when anyone criticizes death metal as a gimmick, or they like the music but absolutely detest the vocals. And I can only say that all the pop shit on the radio and other bands, it takes as much reading the inlay with the lyrics, to really get to know what they are talking about. If I spend enough time reading the lyrics, I will be able to follow along without flaw. And why the fuck would anyone call death metal a gimmick? to me that means a scheme to make money or exploit something. Death metal is by far the worst possible career choice if you’re trying to make money. These guys who play this music, love it, breathe it. It is not something they just put out there to make a buck. I am sure they all have full time jobs, and its a huge debt to them to play this kind of music. Well I went off on a tangent, but I hope you all enjoyed.

*Oh and the artwork on this album is incredible

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