Abysmal Dawn “Programmed to Consume” (a semi-over exaggerated review)

Artist: Abysmal Dawn
Record: Programmed to Consume
Label: Relapse
Year: 2008
Wiki: accurately pointed here

One of the most rewarding benefits of metal is the discovery of a band that absolutely floors you into a frenzy of excitement as a result of their sound. This was exactly the emotion I felt after listening to Abysmal Dawn’s 2008 “Programmed to Consume”. A melodic and technical death metal album that delivers all departments of aural delight. Guitar solos with direction and melody that entertains the ears, leads and drumming all here as well. The vocals are never too difficult to understand, I appreciate when a death metal band actually makes an effort to actually enunciate the lyrics than just try to sound as deeply guttural and ignore the fact that the words they are attempting to belt out just sound like undecipherable burping. That is not to say I don’t enjoy a brutal death metal release, but it’s more of a novelty to me now a days.

I wish I could dig deeper into what exactly they are doing with their instruments that I enjoy so much, but I am very much musically inclined. All in all a great fucking album, and I highly recommend it.

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