Triptykon evoking charisma all the while being depressive as fuck

Artist: Triptykon
Album: Melana Chasmata
Label: Prowling Death, Century Media
Year: 2014
Wiki: Triptych

Something has to be said before I get into this, and that is, that I have no familiarity with Hellhammer and haven’t given much adherence to Celtic Frost. I can appreciate these bands for the footwork they accomplished in progressing the state of extreme metal music, it’s undeniable their contribution. With that being said, be it immaturity or ignorance, I never had much interest in their music.

Triptykon’s, 2014 – Melana Chasmata

Let’s fast forward to current time. The interest of Giger and Metal music brought me to the music of Triptykon, a conglomeration of the unorganized chaos (Hellhammer), the focused intricacy of organized instrumentation (Celtic Frost)… forces working to contradict the purpose are usually the associations of death metal. Melana Chasmata has rightfully been described with the obvious avant garde, depressive tone. The vocals are gruff, angry and decipherable, well enunciated, passages of something intrinsic and esoteric, this music will massage the listeners imagination, and what not a better visual than the work of h.r. giger, if there was ever perfect visuals to accompany music it would be the abstract and visceral imagery giger conjures.

This is one of the most rewarding discovery of the 2014 calendar. My maybe over enthusiasm, is a bit redundant and exaggerated, so I will be drawing this to a close. Without a doubt best album of 2014 thus far.

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