[ART] Cthulhu difficulty and overall flaws

This image is going to be a little more difficult to tackle than my other projects, because of some obvious flaws in the picture, which I so aptly supplied text over said flawed areas. Firstly, the shadow from my phone is unusually large in this picture, I know that the same flaw was in my last picture, but it seemed minimal in comparison. And now for something that I actually could have controlled, but when all you use to draw is with pens, there is little room for making changes. I am going to try and work on eliminating the forehead area completely, because I am just not happy with how I ended up drawing that. The shadow is probably gonna stay. I like this picture because it was completely off the top of my head, I used absolutely no references or copied/traced anything. As with all of my artwork it is  completely original and all done with pen.

I want to make  clear from the start, that my knowledge of graphics and graphic software is very limited, I am learning as I go. So though it might be a waste of time to edit an already flawed picture, or low resolution stock that would be better off not using at all. I am doing all this for practice sake. With that being said here is the picture I hope to edit soon. If no work on saturday or sunday, I will start messing around with it.

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