individuality and influence

(this is more of a hypothesis, and nothing is concrete set in stone fact. I speak out of life experience.)

Our interests and hobbies, things that we are more than happy to occupy our time with, how much of that is externally influenced, and how much of it is genuine. It’s no question, that as humans, being accepted is greatly accomplished by compromising whatever situation you find yourself in. In the case of core interests, you may abandon them in the favor to appease the social circle, you wish to be accepted by. What happens when this is allowed to happen in the human psyche? is it a slow gradual process from genuine to facade? all in the favor of acceptance? is our whole purpose not to be overwhelmed with interest, but in the favor of social acceptance?

Lets for a moment see how much influence has over a person, not through a disinterest, but a requirement of the desire for acceptance. A perfect example of this is in the work environment, the alpha male, will be the most voicetorious and express opinions without any thought. Respect for fellow humans, is only a categorical offense to almost cryptically, subtlety expose the obvious flaws of others. Their predictable ability to provoke offense, is a hook line sinker into the abandonment of beliefs and into the mentality of the surrounding behaviors of others.

Why I am particularly dissuaded to abandon my beliefs and interests in the favor of social acceptance, is when you rely on the external for your comfort, you will find the greatest loneliness outside of contact with people. If are going to bolster the interests of others, at the expense of abandonment of self, than we need to stop as a western culture influencing the idea of individuality. Because individualism is dead, the tides of popularity will overwhelm any kind of real genuineness. This is paradoxical in the sense, that though we desire individuality, we too find ourselves in circles that share a similar interest, but even then we are faced with a dilemma of consistency in self.

It would be ignorant of me to not admit that in our human nature we desire acceptance, and not only that, but we have an inherent link with family. This brings me to my next point, and that is selfishness.

selfiSH adjective (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. 

 Does the material take precedence over the social? I think that we as a western culture have been thoroughly brainwashed, and pampered to believe that our safety is in harboring technology to distract us from the foreboding annihilation of the human race as we know it. We poke and prod at the affairs of others, entirely slaughter our own military in nonsensical efforts to towards a conquest that is absolutely subjugated by their oppressors. 

Of course like your superiors in the workplace hide the evidence of ulterior motives and potentially taking advantage of you and your abilities. America’s exposure to reality outside of the one they live in day to day, is potentially fabricated by the media/government/national figures who are appointed to respond to any conflict or struggle in the united states. 
a little more on track…
My inclination is to believe that yes there must be a certain percentage of social versus material, because without it, you would become depressed. No one likes feeling like an outcast, or disadvantaged from their peers. Individuality is not an extinct form of identity, but it’s extremely difficult when the sways of popular interest overshadow the core interests of yourself. 

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