Incantation – Upon the Throne of Apocalypse

Artist: Incantation
Album: Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse 
Year: 1995

Limited to 1000 copies, Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse  is the remastered edition of Mortal Throne Of Nazarene. Separated by only a year apart, the sound difference takes a little bit of repeated listens to actually understand the purpose of remastering in the first place. Most notably is the remastered edition has a fuller sound, maybe even a bit distorted, I think the statement I made earlier is the most accurate and that being the sound is overall “full”.

I guess the biggest question on everyone’s mind, is was the remastered version necessary? and to me yes. Once heard, I would only listen to Upon the Throne of the apocalypse. The earlier 1994 edition, is generally more clean sounding, a bit flat.

Of course this being one of their best releases, either version can more than well satiate your hunger for some death metal, in its most pure form. But if you got the going price of around $50, to shell out for the remastered it is more than worth it in my opinion.

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