why should we die?

If we ask “why we should die?” the same should be asked why we exist. If the two have no purpose than the other, than it would be easy to answer this question, or the hypothesis, and that is there is no meaning in the two. So if your goal and ambition is death, then there is nothing to detract the purpose. The contradictory purpose of existence. Each escalated thought and idea, runs madly into a wall.

I wonder if since I think about this, than maybe there is purpose, maybe there is meaning. And if I answer yes, to that question, then there is a grave mistake in weighing in no purpose. Because if there is purpose, than that means that there was a creator to our existence. For whatever reason, enjoys to watch us, make a mistake in our decision, and end it all. Or maybe he offers this choice as an option to join him. But I can only imagine that he would not allow us to enter life at his time, than to disregard his time and take matters into our own hands and end it, without his consent.

image courtesy of dead congregation

I feel a grim reality in circumstance, and that, to me makes it easy to take orders into my own hands. The writing on the wall is something existential. The wall we run into, expecting collapse, or demise, but the same wall we accept collision, only lands us back onto our feet. Is this endurance to collapse, and get back up, the necessity of life. Is a creator balancing self hatred, and the endurance to find him in our recklessness.

I am not bringing up anything new to the table, this has all been discussed and observed as well as explained much better than I can. But I just wanted to express a though running through my mind. And a reason to do some graphics.

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