youtube error ublock

what you will see if you have ublock enabled on youtube

Just recently as of this exact date, youtube now has figured out how to disable ublock (a chrome extension that eliminates most ads from websites). I am not entirely sure if there is a way around this, but I find it ironic that I was actually thinking about this the other day, when youtube insistently asks to “try” their new paid service for a free trial. I was just thinking that there is no way that they will allow 3rd parties to interfere with their ability to make money.

Ethically there is nothing wrong with them wanting to get money for an excellent resource they created. With ad’s being run in all videos that no doubt, brings in a hefty amount of revenue; considering the volume of traffic youtube gets. I am only saying that because of the endless videos uploaded and the subscriber and viewer counts. I can only imagine the amount of money brought in from ads alone. Take in the fact youtube is bought out by google, a mega conglomerate.

All this being said that they are in fact making plenty of money regardless. I remember back in the day the internet was a free resource. You pay for the internet, and soon you will pay for the web sites that you enjoy visiting. Or you pay for it by commercials and advertisements. I need to learn some survival skills and go live out in the woods.

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