Seversun – New World Chaos

I was given the opportunity to review this release, and I am feeling a bit privileged after hearing their material. Seversun is a 3 piece from Russia, playing what is definitely progressive and groove oriented, it mixes together many elements to be precise. I was a little bit apprehensive when I noticed in their Metallum profile being categorized as a metalcore band. Not that I am particular dissuaded by the genre, but I tend to steer away from anything “core” influenced. I am happy to say, that these guys keep the metal at the forefront.

The cover threw me off a bit, I was initially thinking they were a stoner/doom band, something about that cover yells stoner/doom to me. I guess it’s kinda psychedelic in appearance. The music here, as I said earlier very groove oriented while relying on melody to carry out songs. The vocals are rough and mix together some cleaner vocals. To me it works. There are some really nice lead guitar work on this album, I like the melodic elements. I also appreciate the bass work done on this album. This album mixes together a wide array of instrumentation, including piano pieces. The drumming on the album sounds very digital and unauthentic, that’s one of my only gripes that I have with the album.

Overall a solid piece of metal here, after several listens I’ve found myself remembering the catchiness of the album. If you’re in the market for something new and creative give this album a chance, it’s pretty solid musicianship and some memorable material. Plus as a Ukrainian American, I am all about supporting a Russian metal band. But that is irrelevant anyway!

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