Elemental Gearbolt

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I initially heard about this game because of the respectable translations and efforts Working Designs put into their games. Their notoriety does not go unnoticed. That being said, I checked out this game because it being on their roster.

Elemental Gearbolt is game in which you’re in a first person perspective and are moving about in a fixed automatic fashion. Your objective is simple, you’re to aim your cursor and shoot at enemies. Seems simple enough? I hope to divulge into this detail later. All throughout this game you’re greeted to beautiful anime sequences, nothing generic or overtly “anime”. Mainly just good animation. As mentioned earlier you’re moving your cursor across the screen and you have optional modes of fire. I personally just use the default shot. They do all offer their own personal pros and cons, and are suited for specific environments of the game.

What makes this game great to me, is simply the mechanics and AI of the game. You this game escalates on a progressive scale, and it genius is in the design. You will find yourself lazily blasting at the screen only for a moment later to be alerted by the sheer volume of enemies on the screen. This game progressively and actively wakes the player up to focus and drive you to play better and more focused. This is not a lazily completed title, but one that works along side you. There are many mechanics in this game that accomodate you and encourage a more dedicated and focused play style.


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