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torn distal bicep


torn distal bicep

weightlifting accident

Growing up I always admired superheroes and athletes, “strong guys”, Or people with super inhuman powers that could defy the realities of life. All that said, I still found a poignant grip towards characters like the Punisher for example. A downtrodden mad motherfucker who is out for vengeance against the evils that have wronged him. All this to say that I have always focused myself on the human body and physical strength.

Discipline and focus were never anything that I understood or admired. For lack of a better word, I just was not giving a fuck about anything but being a kid and enjoying its pleasures.


So, I remember this scenario in my head when I was younger, and I was driving my mom’s van on a public street, out to get some pizza. Well, I didn’t use my blinker and I charged into the parking lot. When I got outside of my van 2 women approached me and harassed me about what I did. I don’t know what it was about that experience, but it made me feel small, insignificant, even. So, I started pacing around in my bedroom, and developed a plan.

In the beginning it was free weights and calisthenics. Nothing crazy, just simple things in the bedroom every day to make me feel better.

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