Caustic Wound – “Death Posture,” 2020

Death Posture | CAUSTIC WOUND | Profound Lore Records (

I was unaware of Caustic Wound prior to this year, so I was thoroughly excited when I found out this band shares distinct similarities to other compatriots, because they unironically share members, most notably; Mortiferum and Cerebreal Rot! but the list goes far and beyond that. Now with the confusing seething of members and similar sounds is out of the way, we can divulge truly into this massacre of a listen. Something from the start that is distinctly unique to themselves is the bizarre gutturals, and that shit is creepily done. Gives you the idea of some kind of maniac chasing you around and butchering people.

The tone and atmosphere remind me of Butchered at Birth, especially the first track when the guitars just howl and emanate noise and atmosphere. Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that this is anything but original, because it has enough here to let it stand alone, and it creatively performs in a distinct way that allows it to become something unique and of itself. That being said, the aforementioned bands definitely all have similarities, and it really shows when listened to alongside one another.

I have been listening to this repeatedly and am really psyched for new material. This slow foreboding death metal really fixes the itch.

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