pedophile priests and twitter

Do not let this toilet bowel drama drain you. Kindly adjust your eyes to your savior and ask with the most strength in your heart do you detest this deplorable scum?

Taking your spiritual life a little too seriously? here is a Twitter response to folks trying to recognize and accept religion. They then pervert it and drag it through the mud. There is sick shit hiding everywhere people, it’s not like this is anything new? priests and sodomy has been happening since the inception of the catholic religion, am I right? I don’t know, honestly. But this type of shit really turns my stomach inside out.

The fact you later see him with a smile on his face, truly tells a disturbing tale of what is actually going on behind the doors of our social and justice system. Do not dismiss or ignore the signals, if shit seems salty it probably is.

Do not let the media or news outlets narrate your thoughts, do your own thinking and think for yourself. I for one know we serve a righteous judge and He will right all wrongs.


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