Займенники та літературні слова чи предмети не ідентифікують вашу стать

It’s a beer people, it’s not an object of praise or affiliation with any kind of demonic disorder, other than its ability to manipulate you and overly exacerbate your emotions.

I think it’s hilarious that for some reason people have this idea in their heads that you can just wave your hands and this magic fairy dust comes out of the sky and behold here is your brilliant discovery. No, it’s not that it at all, it’s more complicated and demanding than that. And for lack of a better word and yes, I do apologize for abusing the English language but fuck you, I am not going to agree that my gender is anything than a pair testicle and a penis. And no, I didn’t forget about women who have a bit of a more advanced operating system that revolves around the ovaries, labia, clitoris and technically a bunch of things that I am sure most of you are too aware of and have the ability to look into and research for yourself.

Do I hate gay people? NO, I don’t hate anyone, that is really too strong of a word for me to even embrace or truly express in words. See? I have an obligation now, and that is Christ. He is the only reason I am alive today and have any ability to do what I can for a comfortable life.

I’m sorry if this is too difficult for you, but you’re going to have to get to grips with it, because my worldview and tendencies rely on the balance of scripture and holy spirit that both available and alive and active and living in this very place, we call earth.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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