Ukraine killing Russia? or you rushed to the grocery store too quickly and stubbed your toe on delinquency?

Recognizing Ukraine and Russia are battling for something that is a mystery to me, and now Israel and Hamas are confronting each other, and the barbarity of war is no stranger than thinking that maybe possibly we are becoming the next critical target? if not, already we are sabotaged by the moral degeneracy of the homosexual and transexual situation. The infliction of identity theft and corrupting other genders with your own self-interest and pleasure in mind. This is exactly the reason why for the better of half my life I have been rebelling against the Bible instead of actually embracing its text and searching inside its contents to analyze and confront it.

I am reflecting on the moments of my past when I took handfuls of pills determined to end my own life, only to be resuscitated from out of coma’s. I am not the pathetic waste I thought I was because this carcass will not let it give up. See when I searched for death, it was not having any of that shit. I can finally view life from a clearer perspective, without all that witchcraft voodoo human worship.

It’s all selfish pleasure and hedonism, its nothing more than an assignment to set humanity off its course. In the beginning God made man and woman and he crafted them perfectly, and they are abstract from each other but all the while in need of one and another. But when you take your scalpel and medicine something that was already fortified in absolute completion. You are in yourself denying your true self.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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