My picks for 2023

I am a bit late to the party, but I thought I would include my selection of bands and artists that I choose for the year of 2023.

  1. My top pick for 2023 is none other than Horrendous. You can stop all the guesswork and just come to an agreement that this is the best slice of pie for the 2023 year. Everything else is an honorable selection.
  2. Tomb Mold – The Enduring Spirit
  3. CRUCIAMENTUM – Obsidian Refraction
  4. Judiciary – Flesh+blood
  5. Burial Hordes – Ruins
  6. Dodheimsgard – Black Medium Current
  7. Sacrificium – Oblivion

Honestly like pulling teeth trying to get into this shit anymore. I suppose I find some reinvigoration with the new Extol tracks and new material from Hope Deferred. But seriously I feel like I am just chewing on the meat from albums of past. I suppose I still cross my fingers for new Dead Congregation and more Embrace of Thorns.

About Trevor Markiv

wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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