Consider the parallels between the League of Legends community and the movie American History X

Let me make it perfectly clear from the start I have an unhealthy and very dipropionate amount of time invested and spent playing league of legends. That being said, it wasn’t until I played a game this afternoon that it dawned on me the parallel’s and the struggle between a blatant racist and a person of the opposite race. It feels and looks the same way as in the game of league. You do instantly feel and have this feeling of hate and antagonizing and patronizing behavior all shifted and a pointed at yourself,

Why is this? why do we as humans have this innate and propensity to hate and malign this kind of disgust towards a certain individual or group of people. It’s not a mystery when you enter into a competitive environment there is going to be a level of derision and division between individuals, its without question!

Listen I am at my breaking point with my relationship between myself man and God, but ultimately at the end of the day, I must without any question of order or intent must have the priority of God. And specifically, the teachings of the Hebrew and Greek texts of the actual what we are given today called the bible. It is the authoritative blueprint, scheme and design of our situation on this earth and our existence.

Regardless of my own opinion, what do you think? I’m sure the majority would wish me would get off the damn office chair and put some rubber to the road, or however the saying may state?

Listen people a relationship with God does not require an instant and obvious change with the relationship with cigarettes, alcohol, porn, video games etc. but it’s in the greatest interest and benefit that you will come to a sobering conclusion that yes, a relationship with Jesus is indeed worth more than all of that! but it’s not an instantaneous event, it’s a series of hard work and the arrangement of company of believers.

And I’m aware of the obvious and ridiculous position of the authority that considers it ok to interfere with my own privacy and life. But I do hope at the end of this ball game, I do get to see and finally get a proper explanation of the events and occurrences of my life. Be it schizophrenia, or a demonic presence. I really just want to get to have the chance and opportunity to meet and extend my source of overwhelming love and encouragement to my own earthly son Riley.

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