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Last year around the time of July, it was the 4th of all days yes, the time of fireworks and magic in the skies. I was alone, as per usual and I had the grand idea to call my long-lost cousin to see if he might be interested in a bit of the ol’ “ultra violence” hahaha… nonono not quite at the level of Clockwork Orange, but much more in the variety of gaming. So went to his place and we gamed for a good couple hour, on his Saturn of all systems. And then retired the day at his parents’ house, (my aunt and uncle) where we were welcome to the company of my other cousin and his wife and kids, and we all swam in the pool, and had a good day. It was a great day, and good food was had and lovely conversation to go around, nothing to abhor about. Well at the end of this whole excursion I was surprised and bewildered at the fact that my cousin is giving me his Saturn console! and as fate may be, he was given that gift from his own uncle, of whom has recently passed away RIP, God rest his soul. Why do I include these personal details? I don’t know and perhaps its a little raucous of me to assume you’re thinking in the first place, alas let’s get back to the point!

I now hold in my hands today a peripheral or cartridge as you might call it, that has the ability to accept a SD card in its property, and it will be your beacon or host of many games. I first heard about this device while watching a youtube video, or maybe it was a from the sega shiro guys? I don’t know, whatever the case it piqued my interest.

So as fate may have it, I searched around the internet for an acceptable selling price and finally came to the conclusion of using ebay. While I am aware that there are much more affordable options, I think I think I made a wise choice and am ultimately happy with the results.

So, after receiving said peripheral I worked my leges down those stairs with much excitement it was as if I was a kid again and getting my very first game gear or genesis, whatever scenario it did have in it some kind of magic. You can aggrandize or work into your scientism all you want, but this shit does get my candle lit. Much like the fascination with a motor of a car, or the grandstand enjoyment with fishing and golf. Holy shit golf?! I interest myself sometimes.

Well, there was a bit of setbacks with this device when I first got it. Admittedly the very course of setting up the SD card itself. So maybe I can offer you the reader a bit of advice and knowledge as to how you can get this working and enjoy it for yourself.

First things first you must get a SD Card Reader, I used USB3.0 Micro SD Card Reader, 5Gbps 2-in-1 SD Card Reader to USB Adapter, Wansurs Memory Card Reader for SDXC, SDHC, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC and UHS-I Cards, wow! what a mouthful. This little mechanism is the host of your SD Card to gather your necessary files and add the games itself. So this is where it got kind of tricky for me. Left aside the fact that I couldn’t get the damn tv to corporate with me in regard to the AVI outputs. So, after much tackling and trial and error I did get to the solution, and that is the very gift of the internet and community, alas the Sega Shiro crew had a guy of whom I will leave unnamed because for some apparent reason people prefer their identity left out of center of attention. Well, I am sorry you shadow warrior, but there are eyes everywhere and ears too! they diagnosed me schizophrenic for a reason. So here is the nuts and bolts of it all. You got to first take the said SD Card and insert into Cartridge, and this is where you must make a very specific File arrangement which goes PC > USB > SAROO > ISO and then copy and paste the scrap github files which are appropriately provided via google search or HERE.

Once all is said and done you should now be able to drag and drop whatever ISO/CUE/BIN etc. files necessary. I was provided with a 32gb SD card so only an ample amount of space, I was able to get maybe 30+ games on that card. So, I will be playing through the titles and cycling through everything.

So far, I’ve muscled through maybe 8 or 9 games and have had bad luck with maybe 3 titles. This could be a matter of the said files, or unfortunately fault in the product itself, but for the price and the results you get, it’s pretty much a no brainer a absolutely must buy product. I will hopefully be able to master and complete the Saturn library before my time is over, this is no small task, so I must be diligent.

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