Satan is most happy when you’re miserable

It’s a diametrical opposite position to be living in this life with the reality of God and man and the devil. All of this entangles and confuses a person ability to grow and strive in life, but it is all true and all fluid and instrumental in the pursuit of both life and life and struggle. So, sit tight and enjoy the fruits of the gospel, as it will both lead and guide you into a life of prosperity and worship of our all one and true creator.

See many folks today are in allegiance with a lifestyle that contradicts the bible, and they are doing everything imaginable to counterfeit it with some kind of false narrative. It’s all void and blank! and it does nothing but push and persuade others to destruction. Listen nothing worth a lick or a dime in this life is going to bring you joy or fulfillment with work, gratitude and effort. So you better get yourself in the business of believing and desiring the goals, otherwise you will be in the trap of hedonism and pleasure, which is sub liminary and to blame for the imbalance and destruction of this earth soil.

So, it is with much regard and consideration that you all do your due diligence and live your lives appropriately in the complete and total balance of the gospel. Remember if something is too good to be true it is probably true, and also that the devil is a liar and a great deceiver he will thwart poke and prod you to no end until your ultimately burnt out or worst of all dead. Make the wise choice now and accept and choose Christ. Blessing’s grace and peace be upon you.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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