sasha grey + twitch + overtly sexual game = disturbing blog post

So here I am minding my own business and I stumbled across my favorite twitch streamer none other than Sasha Grey herself! and I thought I would quip myself with a otherwise friendly choice of words to share with her and the chat. And what do you suppose happens? The proof is in the pudding, they blocked me, And I am suffering innumerable 14-day suspensions here and there. The internet and these social media platforms have launched themselves into the mainstream in this disguise of some kind of objective moral law. When in fact they are indeed the ones that are exerting and exacerbating this disease of disillusioned lgbtq logic. Well, I’m fed up with it, and I hope a solution comes soon. Because with the tragedy of trans in competitive sports, and the slight chance of an awkward situation in a public bathroom this shit is really starting to derail productive civilization.

Am I out of line here? is this a ME problem?

Fornication and adultery, hedonism and origies everything is about pleasure and getting necessary fix to distract oneself from the core and root problem, and that is and of itself is SIN. It’s a simple solution but it requires the complete and upmost dedication of Christ and the cross and His triune reality of God itself.

It must be some kind of grand shock if this does get its share of viewing, because I am sure there are minds above watching that are trying to disrupt, distort or outright eliminate my message from being shared.

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