got a transmission problem? you go to a mechanic; got a gender confusion you choose a morally bankrupt lifestyle to justify your hedonistic idea of life

Hello perfectly reasonable and rational individual you don’t might happen to have any ability to agree that I am a confused delusional mystery to human civilization, do you? says the trans people and the bull dykes out on the front lines to prove their acceptable misaligned lifestyle.

Reminds me of a chihuahua dog just barking at the mouth, just a loud and hilarious noise that is hard to ignore or deny.

The very fact we have this kind of individual in a position like music where they have an ability to influence and share their message, it is repugnant and senile. I do hope SHE does get her rage and aggression out, all the while doing the whole laughable gangster tough guy attitude. If bull dykes need a ambassador I think they might have their greatest spokesperson.

I do mourn and pray for them; I really do hope that the grace and peace Jesus offers will comfort their troubled lifestyle. The same goes for the likes of new coming degenerates like Cancer Christ, satan has seriously pushed out his delusional bullshit in full swing because these people are eating it up like a delicious kind of chocolate.,

Remember peace hope and perseverance above all else. We must conform to the likeness of Christ. Hate is nothing but a waste of energy and it allows oneself to succumb to useless aggression and rage.

I do not mean to patronize or mock and ridicule anyone! I want people to get help and receive the appropriate treatment they deserve. But encouraging mental illness and spreading it likes its some kind of gospel is truly the biggest and worst kind of blasphemy this planet has ever known.

This will surely ruffle some feathers, so please if you are a person in any kind of position of power please consider helping and reaching out to me. I would love to explore and share tools and means to eradicate and help humans survive and exist worthwhile lives.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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