now this does twirl a whole yarn of thread

Growing up I think of a lot of moments and happiness, but I never considered myself anything other than an imperfect replication of what other people were doing. I would always stand to the side and ask questions and want to get some sort of affirmation or some sort of indicator that I was worthy enough. Much of my earliest life was easier spent with friends and family and enjoying life for it all it had to offer, I was never confined or burdened by the problems and feelings that I have today. So, when I read this quote by Martin Luther King I really kind of thrown aback because it made me feel like maybe I am ignorant or stupid… and aware of these facts make me feel terrible inside. I do wonder who and what context this message was being portrayed, because it does up both uplift and make me question my own life.

Whatever the case I do admire and have always loved to hear and see people speak about Martin Luther King because he did seem like a truly great man. My understanding of him is sordid but just like anybody else in this world you never really know the person until you get to actually meet them.

It’s strange I always considered myself kind of stupid, a person with no good sense or any really good skills, but I think I might finally be actually embracing the pivotal and realistic ideas of a person.

We humans are a mystery and it’s any wonder that we make any kind of impact or engagement without first understanding the true self.

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