Congratulations to Oleksandr Usyk the country of Ukraine

I’ve never been much of a boxing fan outside of fighters like Muhamed Ali, Mike Tyson, Butterbean and too many other of the famous greats. I know currently a lot of fans of the sport think it’s taken a change for the worst, but regardless of your opinion or maybe even a bit of a jaded or internal ignorance. There is no mistaking a man a with fighting record of 22 undefeated wins 14 of which were TKO/KO.

If you paid any attention to the fight or any of the post conference footage, Fury was in being incredibly prideful and having an overall “showboat” attitude. So, to get a defeat by decision, which looked an incredibly a lot like a KO, comes as kind of relief and incredible surprise when you consider the overwhelming size advantage.

Слава Богу за все and congrats from America!

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