Hate Eternal: Conquering the Throne (1998) Album Review

Artist: Hate Eternal
Record: Conquering the Throne
Label: Earache Records
Year: 1998
Wiki: because wikipedia is accurate and right

Believe it or not, Hate Eternal was actually one of the earlier bands that I had first heard growing up. And it was this album that really got me into the death metal music. I remember when Eric Ruan was in Morbid Angel and his massive influence on the sound and music. He is an incredible musician and a man of many different talents. Eric is indeed the lead singer and guitarist. He does an amazing ability with creating chaotic melodies that evoke both focus and mood.

Speaking in terms of lyrics and context of their message. It’s completely fueled by hate and a distinct distaste for God and is in more of an opponent with the devil and evil wicked details. In the song “Catacombs”, they mention Mictlān the which is rooted in Aztec mythology.

A lot of the imagery and portrayals represent Christian and biblical beliefs, it’s very gritty and to the point.

I think it’s one of their best, I do enjoy some of their later efforts, but have not listened to much if not a few from Pheonix Amongst the Ashes. Their second album really did not impress me much. So, I do need to look more into their music.

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