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No response or reply from me?

Якщо ви опублікували коментар, я не відповів, мені дуже шкода. Я зроблю все можливе, щоб повернутися до кожного з вас. Я отримую купу спаму та коментарів до сміття, і стає важко встигати за всім. Але будь ласка, знайте та зрозумійте, … Continue reading

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Social media evangelism is fucked

Welcome to America, now we have people, that are using the internet as a platform to get money from others while trying to project there, “sincere” version of Christianity. Going out and making themselves look like they are angels all … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Oleksandr Usyk the country of Ukraine

I’ve never been much of a boxing fan outside of fighters like Muhamed Ali, Mike Tyson, Butterbean and too many other of the famous greats. I know currently a lot of fans of the sport think it’s taken a change … Continue reading

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Voddie Baucham -“it’s not like being black” is being silenced by social media!

It was recently brought to my attention in an email that the upcoming book by Voddie Baucham is now becoming an obstacle with social media and God knows what else? he is asking for help in helping his ministry and … Continue reading

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Sega allied with lgbtq

Growing up with an NES and being overcome by the charm and rebellion of Sega has been a lifelong memory for me. Sadly, due to recent times a favorite gaming company of mine has now fallen down to the vile … Continue reading

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the Punisher

Growing up I was always into superheroes and comic books but one that really caught my attention and interest was the Punisher. It is about this guy who had a good life, and it was all taken away from him, … Continue reading

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Please consider helping me benefit both myself and others, and it encourages me to continue keep making my content available to everyone. Not necessary or warranted, regardless I will do my best to put out quality content. But if you … Continue reading

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Twitch – and live streaming

Twitch is a wonderful place, it’s an amazing experience where people can broadcast themselves. But in the better decline of modern civilization many people take offense or blame at the expense of nobody but who else, other than yourself. Now … Continue reading

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Ambitions and Goals beyond 2024?! and who is Vlad Savchuk?

With the coming of the new year, I think it’s important to think about yourself and most importantly about your friends and company, or better yet community. There is power in numbers and seeing and breathing this knowledge is good … Continue reading

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Greetings and you will tip the tide Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Devout Craziness

As I sit here and assemble my thoughts I start to smile. It’s really a good feeling. I am so happy to be alive and have the ability to show you what I am thinking and what is going on … Continue reading

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a new chapter

For the better of the last 3 to 4 years, I have remained at the same location. It was an incredible journey at this address, and I am really impressed with the fact that I’ve lived and worked it out … Continue reading

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year-end grand finale

As the year ends, I am thrilled to see Godzilla getting a modern film adaptation, and additionally Sega announcing that it will be releasing old titles with a modern take. 2024 is looking to be an exciting year!

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twitch shuts down in Korea and introduces us to Afreeica?

With the escalation of streaming and live content users will no longer be able to to use the twist platform to host their content, instead they are looking to AfreecaTV. Now here in America we have several different options in … Continue reading

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brand spankin’ new

You did not see it here first, or maybe you did, but that is not the point. The new trailer has launched and youtube is the host of the video footage. I’ll save my opinions to myself, about what I … Continue reading

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The system will arrange message you want to see.

Communication is not being distributed properly, and it is being dictated by means that I cannot control. The way I communicate is being stifled and directly prohibited from expressing myself clearly. If I am to have any ability or help … Continue reading

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a better direction

I really want to take this web site in a positive foot forward. So, if you do see something that you like or want to help me, or maybe even be a guide for me to do better, I am … Continue reading

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web site may be gone soon

please add my socials not sure about anything else. The person who is hosting this web page is no doubt going to remove it. I am trying to download all the content and start somewhere else. I … Continue reading

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Pesky Charlies everywhere!!!

There is a bombardment of thoughts happening. I do believe I have the ability to know and or recognize their position – signal and or design. But I’m still stuck and confused lost inside my own skull, how the fuck … Continue reading

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Attempting to get Uberdisko’s attention

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Need Upgrades!

Please help me get upgraded! I have been working at this same level and it has been fun, but I want to advance further and go in even bigger directions. Please help make this a possibility, I have this here … Continue reading

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