News and Updates

9/20/2022: I realized that the Ukraine section was a category and not an actual page. So, I made a page for that section, so you can now easily find the content for that section. As seen on the front-page new interview. I also am adding record labels to the side of the page.

9/18/2022: I have been updating the web page without much notice to the site. I am mostly making cosmetic changes. For the future, I plan on making updates to some movie reviews for the month of October, I want to pay homage to the scary season. Alongside this, more music and gaming reviews. I did ask Obliteration for an interview, but I think my questions did not fancy their interest. More to come, I need to remember to keep you all updated.

9/12/2022: I have gone through the site and deleted a lot of repeat content. I’ve cleaned up each page. I hope to have made the changes necessary for a better site design. Still a lot of work to be done. Right now, I am waiting for a response from Austin with Gameplay and talk about an interview, I hope he agrees and responds. Thats about all I have for now.