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Last Bible for the sega Game Gear

Its been a grip since my last an initial post regarding this game. I am still very much interested and am playing it semi regularly. The art style is something that I am particularly fond of. Last Bible is a role-playing … Continue reading

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Wachenroder translated tactical RPG

This game is amazing, I love it in its depth and design. And its strategically almost to the very point specifically and I mean down to the very drop precise accuracy. See you need to know, that your brain, and … Continue reading

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Albert Odyssey – Sega Saturn

Albert Odyssey: LoE was released in 1997 to hungry US Saturn owners who would take any RPG that was thrown there way. Even though Albert Odyssey LoE wasn’t what you would call an “epic” or “classic” RPG, it did have … Continue reading

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