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Want to get better at League of Legends? ready actually climb and feel a sense of accomplishment?

I am going to share with you today a very cost conscious and a hardworking and self-motivated individual. He prefers to be publicly named but his handle on discord is Truly. And he is a legitimate challenger league of legends … Continue reading

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How important is your time? League of, let me have some fun!

You’ve done it, you queued into a game of League of Legends, and you are pinned between 4 other people who may or may not like you. Whatever the case, these people do have an ability to change the outcome … Continue reading

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league of DAMAGE

Tryndamere aint queer, he’s straight as a flake.! this guy has devastating damage and critical hits! now, but seriously, why am I not getting good damage numbers? this game is silly.

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League of Legends – the Boomer Chronicles Volume: 1

Did you know that chess is considered one of the most strategic and challenging game you can play, and its invention was dated back to numbers I’m lazy to research for myself, but if you really get down to the … Continue reading

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Why you will never climb in League of Legends

To put it briefly, it’s a team game. League of Legends is a game where you play alongside other human beings, in all levels and skill based tiers. Therein lies the problem. In theory there ranking system should be acceptable … Continue reading

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