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Earth Cleaver: Enables you to slam your weapon to the ground in front, attacking enemies in a straight line at 1,163% of attack, and pushing them away from the cracks in the ground. CD: 10.0s, MP COST: 109, Required Level: 61 INSTANT.

Leap Attack: Enables you to leap to the target location and hammer the ground, inflicts damage on all enemies in range at 365% of attack and decreases their movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds.  CD: 5s, MP cost: 95

Cyclone Slash: Enables you to quickly spin and create a cyclone, inflicting AoE damage at 215% of attack ever 3s. Increases your movement speed by 10% while casting.

Gravity Deflection: Enables you to muster your strength, hammer the ground in front of you, and launch enemies within a certain distance into the air, aone by one. All targets receive damage at 1,295% of attack and get launched in the air. The shock from falling inflicts damage at 798% of attack. CD: 25s, MP: 93

Sonorous Roar: Lets out a Sonorous roar to increase the agro of nearby enemies by 50% for 10s restores 1% of the casters max hp every second and increases attack and movement speed of the caster and surrounding allies by %5 CD:15, MP: 34

Redemption: Enables you to move with the fluid precision, granting invincibility for 2s attacks surrounding enemies to inflict damage at 895% of attack and increases their agro by 50% in 2s. CD: 20, MP: 76

Charge: Charges at the target to inflict damage at 315% of attack and cause stun for 2s. CD:8, MP: 53

Wallop: Enables you to charge forward and deliver a decisive blow at the cost of 30% of max HP. Inflict true damage at 70% of hp consumed.

Last-ditch effort: Creates a shield that increases attack by %5 and absorbs incoming damage for up to 20% of max hp for 10s. CD: 30, MP: 95

Lightspeed Slash: Quickly Swings the blade, inflicting damage at 1,690% of attack on the enemies in front. Inflicts damage 3 times. Weapon skill attacks inflict 50% Additional damage and a increase attack speed by 20% for 10s. CD: 25, MP: 89

Shatter: Enables you to take a wide swing with your weapon tower the ground and send forth a shockwave. The shockwave attacks all surrounding targets at 202% of attack and causes bleeding draining 1% CD:2s

Rampage: Forcefully strikes enemies in front. Attacks 5 times. Each attack inflicts damage at 292% of attack and stuns the target for 5s. CD: 15, MP: 72

Iron Armor: Instantly summons iron armor to protect the body for 3s, protects against 80% damage. Restores as much HP as 40% of the reduced damage. CD: 30s, MP: 48


Tabela XP Soul

My shoddy attempt at translating from English to Portuguese. All information compiled and copied from FORUM POST.

MasmorraMonstro NormalMonstro De EliteChefe MonstroChefe Principal
Lupa 51 Despertada6,66487,402559,608
Lupa 55 Despertada6,93190,899581,993
Lupa 61 Despertada7,37896,762619,566
Lupa 71 Despertada 8,188107,380687,519
Lupa 100 Despertada 11,639152,642977,316
Área Restrita 6-1 (Epic 3)12,265205,9141,318,241
Ladrões De Goblins1,89014,89053,53,627
Porystal de Jian24,529353,8722,265,733
Arca Kanturiana (Epic 1)19,033249,627899,0635,196,561
Arca Kanturiana (Epic 2)60,792724,8442,871,68310,210,068
Arca Kanturiana (Epic 3)134,9061,769,3606,372,59622,677,328
Poristal Caído24,528321,7021,158,6322,059,758


A bit of news regarding MU Legend. Apparently there is a new epic dungeon available. Here is what youtuber AXCEL had to say:

” hi :), first of all, I think you’re referring about the most common weapon that is used which is the unique weapon.. unique weapon is easy to enchant since it doesn’t level down when it failed and in kr they improved the enchanting and drops for the enchanting material are easily to be farm in new level 83 epic dungeon. so you can see people with +15 weapon almost anywhere in kr server.. anyway enchanting level 85 weapon is quite difficult so they prefer unique weapon than the new myth weapon..”

in reference to a poster asking if it is possible to enhance weapons to +15.