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Support does motivate me

Anything helps the cause; I appreciate you very much. Thank you with all kindness and gratitude. I extend my arm in agreement with your help. And please make me aware of what needs most help. Continue reading

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Panzer Dragoon Sega Saturn Review

Panzer Dragoon (1995) Sega Saturn Hey pencil neck! it’s me talking here, your punk son of a bitch! get a grip kid, you got to get quicker on the thumbs, if you want to smash through this game. Panzer Dragoon is … Continue reading

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Sega Saturn Emulation

There are already several guides available to help you with the Emulating the Saturn, but I thought I would offer my expertise and put together my own guide concerning this under dog of a console. Note this guide is for … Continue reading

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Tengai Makyou: Daiyon no Mokushiroku (Far East of Eden: The Apocalypse IV)

Tengai Makyo: The Apocalypse IV is the latest installment of the extremely popular Far East of Eden series (also known as Tengai Makyo) which spans from the Super Famicom (TM Zero), to the PC engine (TM Ziria, TM Manjimaru and … Continue reading

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Albert Odyssey – Sega Saturn

Albert Odyssey: LoE was released in 1997 to hungry US Saturn owners who would take any RPG that was thrown there way. Even though Albert Odyssey LoE wasn’t what you would call an “epic” or “classic” RPG, it did have … Continue reading

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Tokimeki Memorial – Sega Saturn

Tokimeki Memorial – forever with you (aka TokiMemo) is a dating simulation game published by Konami of Japan for the Sega Saturn. It was what basically spawned the Dating Sim Genre in Japan, and gained massive popularity in Japan, not … Continue reading

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Groove on Fight – Sega Saturn

I actually came across this game by accident but I am very glad that I was able to snag up one of the more original and cool 2D Fighters ever to grace Saturn. Atlus’s Groove on Fight is not your … Continue reading

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