unity and peace for all people

It’s been a rough couple of days for me, I am sorry that I have not spent more time on the web site to let you all know how I am doing. This is not something I planned or desired to get so much ATTENTION. But holy shit here I am, and so is EVERYONE. So please with all respect courtesy and guidance celebrate your life and your heritage. You deserve a good life, no matter race color or skin. We are all one person, and that person is….

Now I am running out time and patience, but I won’t stop. I will continue and help and reflect. Just please be patient with me. God bless.

Це була важка пара днів для мене, мені шкода, що я не провів більше часу на веб-сайті, щоб повідомити вам усім, як у мене справи. Це не те, що я планував або хотів привернути стільки УВАГИ. Але тут я тут, і КОЖЕН також. Тож, будь ласка, з усією шанобливістю та ввічливістю шануйте своє життя та свою спадщину. Ви заслуговуєте на хороше життя, незалежно від раси чи шкіри. Ми всі одна людина, і ця людина… Зараз у мене закінчується час і терпіння, але я не зупинюся. Я буду продовжувати, допомагатиму й міркуватиму. Будь ласка, будьте терплячі зі мною. Бог благословить.

I do want to speak Ukrainian without the help of technology. But it’s going to take a lot of work and effort. Thank you for patience.

Love unity and peace

what is the normal christian life?

When thinking about the things that make me happy and have brought me joy, I cannot think of any other person than that of 倪柝聲 or for our American audience, Watchman Nee. I revolutionary a true patriot of freedom and religion. He had a heart that was so pure and brave, and he ultimately died for his discipleship in Christianity.

Brother Nee was imprisoned and brought to death for his beliefs. He suffered a painful death, but throughout all of this one thing remained true to Nee and that was that in his suffering he found peace through Jesus Christ.

I am not at all entangled in the beliefs of others and do not let personal bias or opinion dictate my my life. But I am ultimately seeking a higher purpose or plan. I do hope to develop that through this web site and through my life.

Conversations with self

chinese assisting russia

signing death papers

I don’t think that there is an end to suffering. In fact, I believe that people have this inescapable dilemma inside themselves where they think that traumas and suffering have an escape. The only escape from suffering is from a absolute and a directive. Until they reflect and understand that they have suffering it won’t relinquish. It will continue to fester and antagonize. I wish I would encourage a release. Perhaps even driving this insect out of its hiding. Who is scared?

I do indeed love to see fear. I love to watch fear and it makes me feel superior. Because from the beginning I’ve always wanted to feel superior. And now I do indeed know that I am actually inferior. Because I have no idea of the pain that I will endure.

And yes, I do feel superior. I feel indeed a response to even pleasure. My god I have become a monster!!! a monster? no not yet. We haven’t watched this subject be turned into the shit that he wants. There is no determination.


I think he thinks that I care.

Imagine a human being who thrives off of suffering.

They do not understand that there is a cosmological and intrinsic source that does not exist in this human realm. Indeed, this being does exist to see that justice is served.

Disassembling hatred by examining separatism

It wasn’t ever a theory or a maligned intention to ever believe that in the beginning of this existence we would ever be conflicted with something as devastating and treacherous as human life. But with that comes the existence of something extraterrestrial and otherworldly, that you or I cannot explain. Or is it even in the human condition to wonder whether we have an instinct to believe in fairy tales or pagan traditions.

I am not at all insulted by the color of my skin, but I do find a resemblance in other men. Something that is strange and unnerving, something that I cannot recognize or defeat. It isn’t anything ordinary or circumstantiation its nothing more than the fragrance of the earth.

I am inhibited to believe that when it comes to conflict or dealing with the misaligned or uninterpreted, it’s better to let out a laugh or a sigh of relief.

All I’ve ever wanted in life is to be loved, and to love others. But something doesn’t hinder on any specific contingency, and that is why I will always dread and mourn. But sometimes circumstantial evidence and hidden theories remind me of the shadows in the dark.