Займенники та літературні слова чи предмети не ідентифікують вашу стать

It’s a beer people, it’s not an object of praise or affiliation with any kind of demonic disorder, other than its ability to manipulate you and overly exacerbate your emotions.

I think it’s hilarious that for some reason people have this idea in their heads that you can just wave your hands and this magic fairy dust comes out of the sky and behold here is your brilliant discovery. No, it’s not that it at all, it’s more complicated and demanding than that. And for lack of a better word and yes, I do apologize for abusing the English language but fuck you, I am not going to agree that my gender is anything than a pair testicle and a penis. And no, I didn’t forget about women who have a bit of a more advanced operating system that revolves around the ovaries, labia, clitoris and technically a bunch of things that I am sure most of you are too aware of and have the ability to look into and research for yourself.

Do I hate gay people? NO, I don’t hate anyone, that is really too strong of a word for me to even embrace or truly express in words. See? I have an obligation now, and that is Christ. He is the only reason I am alive today and have any ability to do what I can for a comfortable life.

I’m sorry if this is too difficult for you, but you’re going to have to get to grips with it, because my worldview and tendencies rely on the balance of scripture and holy spirit that both available and alive and active and living in this very place, we call earth.

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League of Legends – the Boomer Chronicles Volume: 1

Did you know that chess is considered one of the most strategic and challenging game you can play, and its invention was dated back to numbers I’m lazy to research for myself, but if you really get down to the thick of it, battle arena and strategy games are very similar to chess. It’s completely in the idea and necessity to strategize. But I think for the better half of League of Legends it’s been spent on degrading the aspects of women and encouraging players to not only hate themselves, but to hate others.

Yes, it’s not hidden in the details, it’s out in plain sight. And no, I am not going to give you any ideas, because that in and of itself will begin the degradation process. See I’m a fan of video games first and foremost, but really, I enjoy the aspect of friendly competition. And League does try to give us that, but with one undefining detail, and that is in their ability to decide on a objective other than curtailing to the mind-numbingly dumb shit that is this snowflake assembly of the far left and gay/lesbian/trans identities.

Just remember satan is the instructor of hate and the main ringleader in organizing this bankrupt and deplorable behavior. I’m just merely a resident sleeper and unfortunate victim to its benign and twisted formalities.

Anybody remember or know about the cartoon south park? well, that is a show that better paints the details of life than even you or I could think about. Everything in our modern age is becoming overcome by automation and artificial intelligence, even me trying to write a constructive blog post is already in and of itself becoming the aforementioned.

But I can’t stop, and I won’t stop thinking for myself and being a leader in obeying and conforming standard. And that is love, but no not the love that is peddled out by the left-wing circus known as homosexuality, but the love that Jesus preached about. And that is the true and defined Αγάπη.

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physical violence against 쇠고기?

I’m not exactly sure why but when I think of oriental cooking the first image that comes to mind is rice. Does this make me racist? or does that question in of itself blame me of my own ignorance. No, because for the better of my childhood and adult life I never even considered the idea that being associated with a food group would even make you ignorant in the first place. See that’s society’s problem and it’s not me, but you, or we? or whoever is to blame for that kind of thinking.

In case of the 2023 TV mini-series, Beef tries to analyze and bring to surface a lot of the stereotypes and analytical assumptions of what both Asians and everyone suffers. It does camouflage itself in ideas and beliefs that are inherently good and by objective standards the absolute truth. But it muddies thing up in a little bit too over the top antics that both praise and worship the machine that is trying to destroy us, all collectively as a unified and joined unit of humanity.

If you’re looking for a review of the show, you’re going to have to watch it for yourself. But just beware by supporting netflix you’re catering into the mindless and destructive system that is both encouraging and allowing this kind of behavior to exist and flourish in the world you and I live in.

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Demoniciduth, Enemy of Satan

Artist: Demoniciduth

Record: Enemy of Satan

Label: Vision of God Records

Year: 2017

Metallum: YES

It’s now 2023 and I am just discovering Demoniciduth a band whom you could carefully swing into the death/black mold. They have an incredible talent for both harmony and melody while not swaying away from an abrasive and chaotic assault. Yes, all cylinders are on at full caliber here. Great production and clear sound, just an incredible slab of sound.

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failure to deliver message

Do people take communication over the internet seriously? it seems like it’s more of an arbitrary or benign activity that we just casually parade through. For whatever its worth, I do see and acknowledge the messages that are directed towards me personally. I hope to fully be able to respond and communicate better with others with the next coming year. (this is passively in response to all of the people who have forcefully banned and muted me from communities and discussion)

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League of Legends practical advice and strategies

I think a considerable amount of time and effort is spent on trying to best your opponent in League of Legends, but I think something more to consider is the respect of the role and class of each player. I mean this specifically in the interest of the jungle, and its relationship to each lane.

It wasn’t brought to my attention until I realized things like helping leash the red/blue buff, or the scuttle crab in the river. Each of these directives corresponds to a benefit of income, hp/mana and vision.

The goal and the object of the game is to destroy the nexus, the priority and direction of each lane should reflect upon achieving this. But most importantly is knowing your position and what you’re supposed to focus on.

I think for the better half the game it’s this mentality that it’s a one-man game and that your team is an obstacle and a distraction. While in most scenarios, especially low Elo this is true. It’s better to decide for yourself to push aside your emotional frustrations and invest into the benefit of the outcome of a game. This is difficult and nauseating to achieve, but I think it is an attainable vision. I say this all as a reminder for myself, and hopefully as an encouragement to you as a player.

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Automated chat and writing

I am kind of devolved considering my thoughts on the chat gpt, where it being a new integral and formulaic way of escaping the actual act and physical capacity to muster and surmise a set syllables or verbs and nouns and make up a sentence, by yourself. Now we have the convenience of inputting our own data into a blender and letting it regurgitate whatever we want to see. It sounds fun and useful, and yes it probably is. But I am more comfortable relying on the spontaneity of my mind and letting it explore and give me the information I want to provide.

It goes the same with art and graphics, now you can take a couple pictures and throw it in the blender and allow a spontaneous combustion of images come out as a result. Originality and identity are soon going to be missing. And yet here I am still arranging and organizing my thoughts in way that I think presentable for you to read.

Really are some big things brewing on the music front we got new Extol and Crimson Moonlight coming, and the Horrendous album was a complete masterpiece from head to toe. I am thrilled and excited to see where music is going, and I hope to be able to draw and ebb my way into that on this web site.

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web site may be gone soon

please add my socials twitter.com/adviseore

not sure about anything else. The person who is hosting this web page is no doubt going to remove it. I am trying to download all the content and start somewhere else. I am sure nobody cares, I got no reception from this web page or really any thing else I do. I think of myself as more important than I really am.

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Artist: Gosudar
Morbid Despotic Ritual
Label: Rotted Life
Year: 2021
Metallum: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Gosudar
Considering the political world issues at hand, it’s no stranger to danger the mother land Russia of all places behold and brought to us this gnarly piece of brain music. Yes, I did indeed indicate the brain, the organ in which all of our faculties and decisions and actions are made. And it is just happenchance. That your ear lobes would kindly accept this kind of ingredient in your mix. It’s a brutal death metal, but in a traditional sense and a no holds barred barrage of bang and symphony of noises, it all comes together perfectly. When you listen to and hear Scripture of the Vile Testimony you begin to understand and recognize what these guys are capable of doing on that chainsaw guitar thing. I cannot encourage you enough to go out and get this piece of paradise, it will thrill and maybe even drive you to eradicate and stop all points necessary for a peace between two divisive worlds fighting each other into brutality. Let this music be a recognizer of what you should and demand. In all things of life. — любовне життя

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Pesky Charlies everywhere!!!

There is a bombardment of thoughts happening. I do believe I have the ability to know and or recognize their position – signal and or design. But I’m still stuck and confused lost inside my own skull, how the fuck can I make any sense of this bullshit reality? well, I believe the good man presented you a manual at birthright and it was in shape and design of a book. But what book?

Gotta get some death metal brewing bestial devastating of the sort. That is which kind I like to recommend none other than the fathers themselves Bolt Thrower.

See? I’m not some kind of sick oddity, I am just a fellow hooligan trying to understand this ride.

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Death after death

It wasn’t brought to my attention until I’ve played several hours of a game, and I realize how many deaths and attempts I make to survive. It was then brought to my attention how this correlates with my actual life and existence. While in this physical life we only have one life to live, I do think that in the nature of Christendom we are living on many different of lives and must suffer to our flesh. It’s never a once and for all reality, but a continual and diligent process where we suffer and deal with our flesh. I think Paul exemplifies this well in the scriptures.

So much like these games we play, we do die many deaths but it’s with the mindset to get better and not suffer from continued defeats.

Today I am grateful for the friends and people in my life who can tolerate my continued battle with self and flesh and help offer me an opportunity that I extend to others. In a life filled with limitless potential it’s a relief to have the continued support and sympathy of others.

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Hope Deferred

Nothing more is said from the band but one can only speculate and think that this is the grand entrance of their debut. I’ve been a long time fan of embodyment and its been a lot of anticipation and anxiety wondering whether they would ever release any new material and now after long loss, they will be delivering the goods. It doesn’t look like there is any indicators of WHEN, but at least there is a semblance of…. hope? https://www.facebook.com/hopedeferredofficial

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Attempting to get Uberdisko’s attention

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Demon’s Souls – Chapter: 1

Well, I thought it is due time that I get myself well and seated in the soul’s game, and with the help of technology and a much-needed PC upgrade, I was able to get my ass back in the game. You might be curious what I mean when I say, by technology, well this time around I am playing this game completely on the https://rpcs3.net/ emulator. Excitement and bewilderment confronted me, when I first loaded the game. For this being the older of the bunch, not mentioning the Kings Field games of course. My expectations are high, while still having a realistic level of excitement. Starting out this felt much easier and very welcoming, than how I encountered Dark Souls. The path and environments are not as linear and easy to understand as you would expect. Speaking of which, the first section of the game is very unclear on what you exactly need to do. What I mean is that I was running around blindly killing shit for hours before I finally figured out the hub and its purpose for both progress and fulfillment of the story.

The first section presents us in a large castle and there are hordes of zombie fiends and other disgusting beasts. It’s very depressing and downtrodden setting, much of what you have found comfortable and inviting with this style of games that fromSoft has given us. Well so far, I love the pace and the setting because it allows me enough time to get my bearings together and to learn the proper art of dueling and sparring with enemies.

The first boss is this giant black lava oozing blob that has these butcher knives that shoot out and try to kill you. I found it especially helpful to use the turpentine to enhance my weapons and summersault around the boss. It was with this victory that put in me my hope and determination to conquer the rest of the game.

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Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master / The Super Shinobi II – Sega Genesis/Megadrive

Ninja’s! those pestering bastards and their shuriken shenanigans… I am about up to my knees with the amount of disturbance I’ve had around my neighborhood and my city, and all at the hands of their stealth assassinarry. Okay all kidding aside I think we can all agree that a ninja is badass, it’s with no introduction that I present to you Sega’s own Shinobi!

With the exception of Shinobi on the Saturn, I hadn’t had much if any introduction to the Shinobi series. For whatever reason growing up, this title never caught on to me as a kid, which is baffling because it’s an insanely awesome story and premise that encapsulates the series. I guess I did have my fare go at the Ninja Gaiden series on the Nintendo, but I am uncertain of whether these two series and universes had any association, because I do recall a subtle but foretelling reference from the first Ninja Gaiden. All that aside, I was plummeted face first into this action with no real introduction.

Starting out the game is relatively easy and straightforward, but behind the mask is a more detailed and complex machine working. See, you need to take into account the vast array of abilities you have at your disposal, and you can’t just go around throwing shuriken’s all willy nilly, because there is a limit and you will run out, speaking of which can summersault and spread an array of shuriken’s or simply throw one front forward.

Throughout your experience you will tread through many different environments and one thing I like about the game is that with each level you begin to develop and learn new maneuvers and techniques that prepare you for later stages of the game.

Which brings me to the real meat and potatoes of the game, which is the final stage. Because while, I do feel like the entire game does have a certain form of cohesion and balance and flow. When you get dropped into the final stage all that goes out the window.

This is a nightmare, where you will be forced to perform and do actions which require very quick and precise actions, and yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet by now, it’s by no accident or mistake but this game does indeed want to make and prepare you to be a menacing ninja yourself.

The sound, the music the atmosphere setting and art and overall presentation is picture perfect. And it is a very nuisance and multilayered experience, because there are many different variables to the game mechanics. It was with much excitement and resolve finally settling this beast, I look forward to more adventures and games to come.

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the Harbinger

Back when I was assimilated in this universe, I thought of myself something of a conjunction, or a harbinger, not something you would typically be able to conceptualize. Instead, I was I was made to allow myself a voice in itself a blast and something boisterous. This explosion, this climatic moment is nothing more than a grid hitting the iron, I see the goal but there might be a foul. At that moment I knew that I should surmount my base and begin perpetrations.

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Interview with Billy Fraser from the band Discern.

One thing a lot of people may or may-not know about me, is that I am heavily rooted in what is called as “Christian metal”, and hard music all around. I still find it silly to call it that, but I suppose for disambiguation and clarity its used. I still find the argument that would never call an inanimate object, “Christian” so how exactly a genre of music can have a faith of its own in a religion is a bit perplexing.

All that aside, a gentleman by the name of Billy, who is no stranger to death metal music has been around and kicking since the early 90’s, or quite possibly even the 80’s. I didn’t know about him until hearing his drumming on Oblation and later in his own one-man project known as Discern.

I later found out he was involved with Crimson Thorn, and many other death metal and “metal” projects. He is an insanely talented guy and its with great esteem and pleasure that I got to exchange some words with him. So, without further a due, here is the interview.


QUESTION: First and foremost, thank you for this opportunity, and I hope you’re doing well. Tell me how you’re doing?

Billy Fraser: I am doing well brother, as I hope you are the same.  I have been busy with work and also busy getting ready for the new DISCERN album coming out on Sound of White Noise Records. The album is pretty much all written and I am focusing on starting recording in a matter of months.  A long time coming, as there have been many setbacks, but many are looking forward to the third installment of Spirit-Filled Death and I think they will be quite satisfied. 

Q: What got you interested in death metal?

Just the simple fact of how powerful, heavy, and commanding good death metal truly is.  As I was growing up, discovering so many metal bands, I was not only a lover of rock and traditional metal, but I was also always attracted to the most extreme bands as well.  When I got into thrash at age 13, I was engulfed by so many bands such as Metallica, Anthrax, Deliverance, Morbid Scream, etc..  It was amazing how heavy and fast these bands were! 

The next year, in 1988 when I was 14, I was exposed to even more bands, such as doom legends Trouble, Slayer, Vengeance, etc., and I joined a thrash metal band called Summoned, and we recorded our first and only demo, selling many copies in the underground.  What an exciting time!  I was only 14!  One summer night afterwards, I was relaxing and listening to Z-Rock, a rock/metal radio station, and they played the title track of Death’s album, Leprosy, which had just come out. I was like ” What in the world is this??? LOL! ” I was so blown away by how much heavier Death was then everything I had heard up to that point. The riffs, the growling vocals….it was incredible!  Shortly after, I heard Obituary’s album Slowly We Rot, and was also floored.  The heaviness was unlike anything I had heard before!

Finally, after meeting my longtime friend Neal Christmas, in 1990, who showed me his underground band’s jambox recording, which they were called Brutal Death-simply put, and then right after when I heard Napalm Death’s album, From Enslavement to Obliteration, I was hooked on death metal and decided what the future held for myself! 

Just when I thought thrash metal was the most intense and fastest form of music, death metal changed it all and took it up 10 levels!!!  The stalwarts of the scene, such as Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Death, Napalm Death, Deicide, Vader, Obituary, and such, instigated what has now become such a huge and vast scene.

To correlate, my band Summoned was already starting to write more in the lines of death metal and departing from our thrash influences, later on in our existence, by 1990, having songs very much influenced by Obituary and the blasting power of Napalm Death. Unfortunately, those songs were never recorded. Through the bands Summoned and Oblation, and my musical band/project, DISCERN, playing death metal has been a huge part of my life for the past 33 years.

Q: Can you remember back your earliest influences and interests in metal music? doesn’t necessarily have to be death metal, but metal in general.

My biggest and all-time musical influence is KISS.  They are the ones that started it all for me and I owe it all to them. I was 3 years old when I saw a commercial for them, and I was astounded.  I did not really understand WHAT I was looking at, while being only 3 years old.  I thought they were a mixture of a rock band and superheroes-LOL!  Everything about them spoke to me-their music, their show, and their image.  While The Beatles influenced KISS themselves, and countless other bands, KISS was my ” Beatles ” per se. 

I then decided right at that moment when I was 3 years old and watching that KISS commercial, that I was going to be a drummer. The next year, at age 4, I started playing drums.  What is funny is throughout this turning point in life that KISS brought me, my mom would not allow me to buy their albums at age 4…HA HA!  I was SO mad! LOL!  So, I started listening to various other bands I could get my hands on, such as Foreigner, Journey, and ultimately, the first rock album I ever owned was Queen-The Game.  Queen brought everything to another level, as their talent and ability to do anything they wanted to do musically, showed me that there are no limits with what you can do as a musician.

From that point up, by age 7, my mom allowed me to start buying KISS albums, so I built up quite a collection of their albums, along with other bands such as Def Leppard, Duran Duran, ZZ Top, etc. By this point, discoveries of so many metal bands started coming into play, which was around the same time I came to know the Lord at age 11.

By then, I was introduced to many Christian metal bands, such as Bloodgood, Stryper, Barren Cross, Soldier, Cross, Philadelphia, Barnabas, Messiah Prophet, Saint, Paradox, and tons more in the Christian Underground scene. I also heavily admired Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc. From then on, it was the discovery of thrash and death metal that set the course for myself.

Q: Do you game at all? whether it be video games or tabletop, I am interested in hearing about it.

I actually do not game currently but when I was young I did!  Back in the early 80s, when Atari came out, I did very much play many of those games, along with Nintendo and Sega games. Hours and hours were dedicated to those fun games!  By 1993 or so, I was not playing those games anymore.  

Q: You ever meet or hang around the guys from Embodyment? them being a fellow Texas death metal band, I figured you might have shared some air.

Yes! My band Oblation played many gigs with them, and I talked with a few of the members many times during that time.  Very cool guys! 

Q: Did you ever get to meet Wayne Knupp from Devourment?

No I did not, and I was very saddened to hear of his passing. However, I met Kevin Clark, who has played guitar for Devourment off and on, at a Disencumbrance show, when he was jamming with them.  Great guy!

Q: How in the hell did you learn all these instruments?

I have no idea! LOL!  I am a drummer, first and foremost, and I always label myself as a drummer playing guitar…LOL!  All of this just came from having so many musical ideas in my head that I wanted to release into the world.  I would jam on fellow band member’s guitars between jam sessions, trying to figure out how to do what, and I would come up with guitar riffs. 

In my band Summoned, when we were turning into death metal in 1990, from thrash, I was coming up with guitar riffs among the drumming, and would show Brandon, the singer and rhythm guitarist, and he would incorporate them into the songs if they fit. In Oblation, I was learning more on the guitar, and finally, DISCERN, being a side project, turned into my main thing once Oblation disbanded. 

I will say this about my guitar playing: Simple and without any head knowledge.  I just do it. I do not know music theory or one guitar scale, I just play what comes out of me, and what comes out are songs.  That is, it.

Q: Favorite movie, book and current album?

I am a huge movie buff but I prefer Foreign movies over American movies.  Foreign movies have so much more atmosphere, better setting, better acting, and more intensity.  Foreign movies that are my faves are The Raid and The Raid 2, both of which are the most incredible action movies ever made.  Overall, I have so many favorite movies, but if I had to pick ONE, which is nearly impossible, it would be the American film, The Blues Brothers, which technically, was my first exposure to the music of Blues at a young age.

Regarding current albums: Every day I have been listening to one of my all time favorite bands, VNV Nation, who is an Irish alternative electronic band.  Their songwriting, beats, etc. are just phenomenal!  I also worship with Michael W. Smith’s various praise albums many times throughout the week. As far as death metal, lately it has been a combination of Vader, Mortician, and Skeletal Remains.

Books:  Although I love to read and have loved it all of my life, I have several faves: Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs and Anger Is An Energy, both by John Lydon/Johnny Rotten, of The Sex Pistols and P.I.L..  Both are fantastic, and I highly admire John with his wisdom and outlook on life.  

Regarding books dealing with our Christian life, there are 3 that have stuck out that I love dearly:

Two written by a pastor friend of mine, J. Kevin Butcher, and those are: Choose and Choose Again and his follow-up book, Free. Both are outstanding and they dig deep into the core of God’s true love, grace, and redemption for us all.  I have read both many times and I get something out of doing so each time.  I cannot recommend these books enough. 

The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning is not only the battery that jump started my friend J. Kevin Butcher’s calling to write his two above books, it also changed his life dramatically and it changed mine too.  Learning to fully understand and embrace God’s love for us empowers us as Believers to walk more in fellowship with Him.  I cannot recommend these books enough!

Q: Advice for somebody who might be thinking about killing themselves?

Even though I am not 100% fully qualified to answer this question to the extent this question deserves to be answered, as I have not struggled with this myself, my thoughts are this………..

One thing to remember is this concrete rule: Feelings lie. What one may feel may not be actual reality. Anything mentally that attempts to steal your life, joy, meaning, and worth, is not based in reality, but in the many characteristics of mental illness. Myself having OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I know this firsthand. What I may feel at a given time may not, and very often is not, based in reality. 

The key is to grasp the tools given to us by God, who is real and who loves you with an unfailing love, through His knowledge and hand in the field of mental health and through professionals/organizations who specialize in these issues and others. The help is there, and the amount of help is vast. 

There truly is not only help, but tools available to put oneself onto the path of healing and assistance.  It just takes one small step of moving forward to begin the proper healing. Grasp all of the MANY examples of assistance out there in this world when it comes to this subject. There is so much to take advantage of: Therapy, first and foremost, counseling, group therapy, medications prescribed by a doctor who knows your body’s chemical makeup and framework, and so forth. 

This concludes the interview, after getting his responses it opened me up to wanting to ask more questions, but hopefully the opportunity will present itself again and I’ll be able to ask him more questions, maybe even in more of a podcast format with actual audible dialogue. I am happy he brought up God because what separates this brand of death metal from other bands is their unabashed message and hope in Christ.


Discern – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives (metal-archives.com)

DISCERN | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos (myspace.com)

Facebook <–official

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Need Upgrades!

Please help me get upgraded! I have been working at this same level and it has been fun, but I want to advance further and go in even bigger directions. Please help make this a possibility, I have this here as a price point. So I want to try to get to $500 for the pc project. Once I fulfill this, I can better do my work and things will roll out faster.

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Enduring the work week

It’s not something to easily do or accomplish on your own it takes a lot of patience and endurance to get through work and labor. I know my body starts to ache and pain and my thoughts begin to wander into, “giving up”. But the Lord gives us the ability to accomplish many things and never stumble. I found a song that reminds me of these things, it is by a Swedish man by the name of Oscar Rask, he is the musician for the band Since the Death. Enjoy.

Its been slow around here, I am still looking for new Interviews and need to finish the Klank review.

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run against trafficking.

I run against traffic

Wanted to show off my new tshirt. Consider purchasing a tshirt and support a good cause.

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