Hidden Embodyment unheard music?

I spoke to Garza many years ago about the disturbing audio on the track “Apocalypse of the Suffering” and had questions regarding the lyrics, but nothing came to surface. But now I am at a serious set of questions, well mainly just two… and the first being how can we hear the old material and two when is the actual full length Hope Deferred album going to come out? a matter of patience I guess, which is something of a virtue I’ve heard, so might just as well enjoy what I’ve already got which is a few tracks from Hope Deferred and the demo, I really should take some time and give attention to their involvement with the Famine, and how it sounds.

Any of you excited for any new music this year? or are you burned out on music like it seems is the case with a lot of people these days.

I am still in the process of hopefully entering into a IT role come this September, but in the meantime, I really should work harder on this page and pushing out content and maybe even live streaming more.

More importantly, I need to focus better on my overall health because I did get some abnormal results back from the doctor and my legs and lugs are not looking to good, so if you do have the time and the focus, please consider offering your thoughts and prayers for my health and for the reconciliation with my son. Happy travels everyone!

And remember the devil is a liar and a deceiver and he hates you, more than you hate yourself, he will not resist until your dead and that’s the dangerous part of this life because it’s not pretty or picture perfect, without time effort, strength, courage and dedication it CAN and WILL get better.

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now this does twirl a whole yarn of thread

Growing up I think of a lot of moments and happiness, but I never considered myself anything other than an imperfect replication of what other people were doing. I would always stand to the side and ask questions and want to get some sort of affirmation or some sort of indicator that I was worthy enough. Much of my earliest life was easier spent with friends and family and enjoying life for it all it had to offer, I was never confined or burdened by the problems and feelings that I have today. So, when I read this quote by Martin Luther King I really kind of thrown aback because it made me feel like maybe I am ignorant or stupid… and aware of these facts make me feel terrible inside. I do wonder who and what context this message was being portrayed, because it does up both uplift and make me question my own life.

Whatever the case I do admire and have always loved to hear and see people speak about Martin Luther King because he did seem like a truly great man. My understanding of him is sordid but just like anybody else in this world you never really know the person until you get to actually meet them.

It’s strange I always considered myself kind of stupid, a person with no good sense or any really good skills, but I think I might finally be actually embracing the pivotal and realistic ideas of a person.

We humans are a mystery and it’s any wonder that we make any kind of impact or engagement without first understanding the true self.

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got a transmission problem? you go to a mechanic; got a gender confusion you choose a morally bankrupt lifestyle to justify your hedonistic idea of life

Hello perfectly reasonable and rational individual you don’t might happen to have any ability to agree that I am a confused delusional mystery to human civilization, do you? says the trans people and the bull dykes out on the front lines to prove their acceptable misaligned lifestyle.

Reminds me of a chihuahua dog just barking at the mouth, just a loud and hilarious noise that is hard to ignore or deny.

The very fact we have this kind of individual in a position like music where they have an ability to influence and share their message, it is repugnant and senile. I do hope SHE does get her rage and aggression out, all the while doing the whole laughable gangster tough guy attitude. If bull dykes need a ambassador I think they might have their greatest spokesperson.

I do mourn and pray for them; I really do hope that the grace and peace Jesus offers will comfort their troubled lifestyle. The same goes for the likes of new coming degenerates like Cancer Christ, satan has seriously pushed out his delusional bullshit in full swing because these people are eating it up like a delicious kind of chocolate.,

Remember peace hope and perseverance above all else. We must conform to the likeness of Christ. Hate is nothing but a waste of energy and it allows oneself to succumb to useless aggression and rage.

I do not mean to patronize or mock and ridicule anyone! I want people to get help and receive the appropriate treatment they deserve. But encouraging mental illness and spreading it likes its some kind of gospel is truly the biggest and worst kind of blasphemy this planet has ever known.

This will surely ruffle some feathers, so please if you are a person in any kind of position of power please consider helping and reaching out to me. I would love to explore and share tools and means to eradicate and help humans survive and exist worthwhile lives.

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sasha grey + twitch + overtly sexual game = disturbing blog post

So here I am minding my own business and I stumbled across my favorite twitch streamer none other than Sasha Grey herself! and I thought I would quip myself with a otherwise friendly choice of words to share with her and the chat. And what do you suppose happens? The proof is in the pudding, they blocked me, And I am suffering innumerable 14-day suspensions here and there. The internet and these social media platforms have launched themselves into the mainstream in this disguise of some kind of objective moral law. When in fact they are indeed the ones that are exerting and exacerbating this disease of disillusioned lgbtq logic. Well, I’m fed up with it, and I hope a solution comes soon. Because with the tragedy of trans in competitive sports, and the slight chance of an awkward situation in a public bathroom this shit is really starting to derail productive civilization.

Am I out of line here? is this a ME problem?

Fornication and adultery, hedonism and origies everything is about pleasure and getting necessary fix to distract oneself from the core and root problem, and that is and of itself is SIN. It’s a simple solution but it requires the complete and upmost dedication of Christ and the cross and His triune reality of God itself.

It must be some kind of grand shock if this does get its share of viewing, because I am sure there are minds above watching that are trying to disrupt, distort or outright eliminate my message from being shared.

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Google does not support Christianity,

This is the message I received after my efforts to get something monetary for both me and other consumers. So, my web page will not be able to make any ad revenue. Which means I need to get to work, so that I can provide for myself and my family. It’s very discouraging to me that I am seeing people go abhorrently over to immoral sex and destruction of the human husk. Satan is deceiving you into believing that homosexuality is ok, and it’s a spark that can sadly lead you to hell.

DO NOT compromise your morality to be agreed with the acceptance of this planet, we are individuals and need to benefit the course of heaven, which is ultimately our eternal destination.

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Satan is most happy when you’re miserable

It’s a diametrical opposite position to be living in this life with the reality of God and man and the devil. All of this entangles and confuses a person ability to grow and strive in life, but it is all true and all fluid and instrumental in the pursuit of both life and life and struggle. So, sit tight and enjoy the fruits of the gospel, as it will both lead and guide you into a life of prosperity and worship of our all one and true creator.

See many folks today are in allegiance with a lifestyle that contradicts the bible, and they are doing everything imaginable to counterfeit it with some kind of false narrative. It’s all void and blank! and it does nothing but push and persuade others to destruction. Listen nothing worth a lick or a dime in this life is going to bring you joy or fulfillment with work, gratitude and effort. So you better get yourself in the business of believing and desiring the goals, otherwise you will be in the trap of hedonism and pleasure, which is sub liminary and to blame for the imbalance and destruction of this earth soil.

So, it is with much regard and consideration that you all do your due diligence and live your lives appropriately in the complete and total balance of the gospel. Remember if something is too good to be true it is probably true, and also that the devil is a liar and a great deceiver he will thwart poke and prod you to no end until your ultimately burnt out or worst of all dead. Make the wise choice now and accept and choose Christ. Blessing’s grace and peace be upon you.

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Sega Saturn – Saroo peripheral

Last year around the time of July, it was the 4th of all days yes, the time of fireworks and magic in the skies. I was alone, as per usual and I had the grand idea to call my long-lost cousin to see if he might be interested in a bit of the ol’ “ultra violence” hahaha… nonono not quite at the level of Clockwork Orange, but much more in the variety of gaming. So went to his place and we gamed for a good couple hour, on his Saturn of all systems. And then retired the day at his parents’ house, (my aunt and uncle) where we were welcome to the company of my other cousin and his wife and kids, and we all swam in the pool, and had a good day. It was a great day, and good food was had and lovely conversation to go around, nothing to abhor about. Well at the end of this whole excursion I was surprised and bewildered at the fact that my cousin is giving me his Saturn console! and as fate may be, he was given that gift from his own uncle, of whom has recently passed away RIP, God rest his soul. Why do I include these personal details? I don’t know and perhaps its a little raucous of me to assume you’re thinking in the first place, alas let’s get back to the point!

I now hold in my hands today a peripheral or cartridge as you might call it, that has the ability to accept a SD card in its property, and it will be your beacon or host of many games. I first heard about this device while watching a youtube video, or maybe it was a from the sega shiro guys? I don’t know, whatever the case it piqued my interest.

So as fate may have it, I searched around the internet for an acceptable selling price and finally came to the conclusion of using ebay. While I am aware that there are much more affordable options, I think I think I made a wise choice and am ultimately happy with the results.

So, after receiving said peripheral I worked my leges down those stairs with much excitement it was as if I was a kid again and getting my very first game gear or genesis, whatever scenario it did have in it some kind of magic. You can aggrandize or work into your scientism all you want, but this shit does get my candle lit. Much like the fascination with a motor of a car, or the grandstand enjoyment with fishing and golf. Holy shit golf?! I interest myself sometimes.

Well, there was a bit of setbacks with this device when I first got it. Admittedly the very course of setting up the SD card itself. So maybe I can offer you the reader a bit of advice and knowledge as to how you can get this working and enjoy it for yourself.

First things first you must get a SD Card Reader, I used USB3.0 Micro SD Card Reader, 5Gbps 2-in-1 SD Card Reader to USB Adapter, Wansurs Memory Card Reader for SDXC, SDHC, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC and UHS-I Cards, wow! what a mouthful. This little mechanism is the host of your SD Card to gather your necessary files and add the games itself. So this is where it got kind of tricky for me. Left aside the fact that I couldn’t get the damn tv to corporate with me in regard to the AVI outputs. So, after much tackling and trial and error I did get to the solution, and that is the very gift of the internet and community, alas the Sega Shiro crew had a guy of whom I will leave unnamed because for some apparent reason people prefer their identity left out of center of attention. Well, I am sorry you shadow warrior, but there are eyes everywhere and ears too! they diagnosed me schizophrenic for a reason. So here is the nuts and bolts of it all. You got to first take the said SD Card and insert into Cartridge, and this is where you must make a very specific File arrangement which goes PC > USB > SAROO > ISO and then copy and paste the scrap github files which are appropriately provided via google search or HERE.

Once all is said and done you should now be able to drag and drop whatever ISO/CUE/BIN etc. files necessary. I was provided with a 32gb SD card so only an ample amount of space, I was able to get maybe 30+ games on that card. So, I will be playing through the titles and cycling through everything.

So far, I’ve muscled through maybe 8 or 9 games and have had bad luck with maybe 3 titles. This could be a matter of the said files, or unfortunately fault in the product itself, but for the price and the results you get, it’s pretty much a no brainer a absolutely must buy product. I will hopefully be able to master and complete the Saturn library before my time is over, this is no small task, so I must be diligent.

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8 Helpful and useful webpages

1. Framedrop: Convert long videos into: • Shorts • Tiktoks • Reels .. and more!


2. TLDR It converts YouTube videos into text for easy access and interaction. Just paste the video link to summarize, download, and search through the content effortlessly.


3. GPT-Minus1 It humanizes ChatGPT-generated essays to avoid detection. It’s a lifesaver for tasks where authenticity is crucial, ensuring your content remains undetectable as AI-generated.


4. Perplexity AI It offers a solution to ChatGPT’s limitations by providing free access to the web, which ChatGPT lacks. It allows users to leverage its full potential without any cost.


5. Cutout Is an impressive AI tool for editing photos and videos. It offers remarkable features such as object removal, video background remover, image background remover, and face cutout.


6. Video2Recipe Is an AI tool that converts cooking videos into text. Just paste the YouTube link, and it generates clear instructions and ingredient lists.


7. Prompt Vibes It provides unlimited pre-written prompts for interacting with ChatGPT effectively. It simplifies the process of getting the most out of your interactions by offering a variety of prompts to choose from.


8. 12ft Ladder: Access any paid article without worrying about paywalls. Just paste the URL into the 12ft Ladder and enjoy free access. Read numerous paid articles for free.


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Want to get better at League of Legends? ready actually climb and feel a sense of accomplishment?

I am going to share with you today a very cost conscious and a hardworking and self-motivated individual. He prefers to be publicly named but his handle on discord is Truly. And he is a legitimate challenger league of legends player, and he does play at a serious and professional level. Don’t believe me? watch this twitch capture of his gameplay on my own hard stuck Iron 4 account. This guy hustles his ass off making beautiful glass arrangements for people, and he does it this as a side gig to help and support other loyal struggling players. This is no money-making grand scheme wizardry happening, it is simply an opportunity for yourself and yes, maybe a little bit of coin… will get you better at the game!

this here is HIS discord, and your chance to find him and arrange a potential coaching.


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Consider the parallels between the League of Legends community and the movie American History X

Let me make it perfectly clear from the start I have an unhealthy and very dipropionate amount of time invested and spent playing league of legends. That being said, it wasn’t until I played a game this afternoon that it dawned on me the parallel’s and the struggle between a blatant racist and a person of the opposite race. It feels and looks the same way as in the game of league. You do instantly feel and have this feeling of hate and antagonizing and patronizing behavior all shifted and a pointed at yourself,

Why is this? why do we as humans have this innate and propensity to hate and malign this kind of disgust towards a certain individual or group of people. It’s not a mystery when you enter into a competitive environment there is going to be a level of derision and division between individuals, its without question!

Listen I am at my breaking point with my relationship between myself man and God, but ultimately at the end of the day, I must without any question of order or intent must have the priority of God. And specifically, the teachings of the Hebrew and Greek texts of the actual what we are given today called the bible. It is the authoritative blueprint, scheme and design of our situation on this earth and our existence.

Regardless of my own opinion, what do you think? I’m sure the majority would wish me would get off the damn office chair and put some rubber to the road, or however the saying may state?

Listen people a relationship with God does not require an instant and obvious change with the relationship with cigarettes, alcohol, porn, video games etc. but it’s in the greatest interest and benefit that you will come to a sobering conclusion that yes, a relationship with Jesus is indeed worth more than all of that! but it’s not an instantaneous event, it’s a series of hard work and the arrangement of company of believers.

And I’m aware of the obvious and ridiculous position of the authority that considers it ok to interfere with my own privacy and life. But I do hope at the end of this ball game, I do get to see and finally get a proper explanation of the events and occurrences of my life. Be it schizophrenia, or a demonic presence. I really just want to get to have the chance and opportunity to meet and extend my source of overwhelming love and encouragement to my own earthly son Riley.

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Sega allied with lgbtq

Growing up with an NES and being overcome by the charm and rebellion of Sega has been a lifelong memory for me. Sadly, due to recent times a favorite gaming company of mine has now fallen down to the vile corruption and evils of the devil. They are taking a stance to promote an allegiance with the lgbtq community. I will not be interested any longer in their development as a company while they continue to do this. I hope you will do you own due diligence and letting them know you do not approve of this kind of behavior as well. Maybe this is a sign from God himself that I need to steer clear completely from gaming? I don’t know, whatever the case is, but I am not at all ok with supporting immorality and degeneracy.

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The state of this world

From where I am sitting it seems rather peaceable around here, except for the fact that Ukraine and Russia are on an onslaught bloodbath to kill each other for numerous months and years and quite possibly this is starting to elevate into the middle east. and here in America we are at a cobweb of shit whether it be the people that are trying to play God and transition their bodies into an opposite gender, thus destroying the very sanctity of what is a true a whole human being which is made up of male and female.

And it doesn’t stop there, we have in America a huge a severe crisis with homelessness and drug addiction taking hold of many Americans. You see these videos on youtube of the cities and streets of America and its really starting to look disgusting.

The overwhelming flood of negativity and hatred that is spread fierce and wide, while we are all drowning in social media and distractions that make us think that everything is ok.

The time is coming for change and a pursuit of values and things that have intrinsic and objective moral value. Yes, there is an objective and defined plan and design of this life, and it is illustrated plainly in the bible. And the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. historically true and realized worldwide for generations. All that music, and entertainment you shovel into your head comes from a human being just like yourself. They don’t have the answers for this life and the reality of this universe. But God does and he designed this planet and earth flawlessly.

It’s in the arrangement of nature and the wildlife that we see and explore its designed and crafted by the hands of God.

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet around here; I just haven’t been feeling my best self. But now I know I have a heavenly father in heaven, and I have the responsibility on this earth to be a good father to my own son, even if he doesn’t accept me, I will still try and build for him a better life, and that is with hope – but the utmost responsibility to start taking charge of my life and make better decisions and better invest into myself the hope of Christ salvation.

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Ideas beliefs and metal music

For better or worst I grew up on an undistinguished likeness to any particular sound. I guess as a young kid I would hear the church choir sing. and I would hear that music, and it was beautiful and lovely, while some is even somber but very therapeutic for both mind and body. So, what is this business about metal and Christianity? that was something I had no clue or idea about and couldn’t even conjure the thought.

Enter the modern world and you have bands like Vengeance Rising, Living Sacrfice who’re essentially been doing what Slayer and other popular thrash bands do, without fault. It isn’t a thing of faith or belief that you should dictate your musical choice or preference.

See what I think is that music is… MUSIC! whatever which way you play it, it is a sound, and it does reverberate and echo something inside you. So, I think people should first and foremost listen to the music, and then read the details and decide for yourself if you want to support or encourage any particular genre or music “scene”. I just wish it wasn’t so bigoted and curtailed to every fucking leisure or suite.

Facts are facts, the beginning of this universe had a creator, and that is God. So, all this music we consume and enjoy is brought to you by the talented hands of the creator. Everything we do and labor for and give any effort or worth into comes from something, and this is the beautiful nature of Christianity. Jesus is the master craftsman, and He does Portrey and divulge and display all the last disgusting thing humans are capable of.

Go travel the griefs of the world in a Pilgrims Progress or absolutely mystify and distort your mind with the Space Trilogy. Everything worth your time and energy entertaining yourself with comes from an individual who God blessed them miraculously.

Yes, I am well aware that Deicide made a video with they themselves eating Jesus Christ at a dinner table. And it’s disgusting and sick and warped and fucked. But that is the result of something far more nefarious and that is the corporate and money-making aspect of music, it’s called a gimmick and nobody with an iota of a braincell will believe that bullshit.

Just remember hate is the fuel and ingredient of Satan, so take it all in and enjoy it, because this life here is not your last destination, no there is more to this planet than your “here and now”. The suffering and pain of hell is nothing I want any part of, I would much rather rest assured in the belief of a heaven above. And trust me, I’ve tested the limits of death in more ways than I am comfortable to discuss.

SO, in summary is Living Sacrifice, Meshuggah? or is Stryper, Motley Crue? nobody knows! I can’t for the life of me read minds or understand the nonsense of drawing comparisons nonstop. I’d imagine everyone has to start somewhere, let’s just hope it’s something original and fresh for people to enjoy. This could curtail into something greater than this article, particularly at the distinct comparison of music, but this is something that may be of too much of an effort for even me to figure out. Whatever the case, being a human being and loving your neighbor and…. well dammit there I go again, and this time I am going to start quoting scripture. So, I better stop now.

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Supplements and health?

This is not going to be an easy article; I am not going to try and figure out some solid tried and true pedigree or whatever the fuck. But I just want some peace of mind dammit. So here I am as Clint the man himself and am now deciding and choosing between Ashwagandha and 5-htp for an improved mind and better functioning motherboard, or brain in our case. I’m purely doing this for nothing more than mood and manner, but I do seriously hope to get some positive effect. So, this is day 1, I will update you in about 30 days and we can see for ourselves if this stuff has any weight or benefit.

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Last Bible for the sega Game Gear

Its been a grip since my last an initial post regarding this game. I am still very much interested and am playing it semi regularly. The art style is something that I am particularly fond of.

If you’re not in a dungeon you’re at this screen and can do various different things like recruit members to adventure with.

Last Bible is a role-playing video game series developed by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer, Sega, and Menue, and published by Atlus and Sega for multiple platforms 1The first game of the series, Revelations: The Demon Slayer, was released in 1992 2. The game is set in a fantasy world patterned after the ancient Middle East. In this world, humans have learned to call upon the energy of the world, called Gaia. The hero, El, has studied Gaia, but on the day of his graduation, strange creatures begin to appear. Together with his companions, he sets out to defeat the Gaia Masters that are bringing monsters to their world 2.

This is what it looks like inside of a dungeon. With the magic ability, “mapper” you can cast open a map of your surroundings. And eventually you can acquire and use a compass, for even more clever navigation. 

The series consists of four spin-off games that were originally released between 1992 and 1995 2. Here are the titles in the series:

  1. Revelations: The Demon Slayer (1992)
  2. Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible II (1993)
  3. Last Bible III (1995)
  4. Another Bible (1995)

Last Bible was released for the Game Gear in Japan on April 22, 1994 2The game features new sprites for the game’s monsters and characters and completely different ending with exclusive last location and boss; these changes are exclusive to the Game Gear version, and were not carried over into the colorized version that appeared on the Game Boy Color and the 3DS Virtual Console 2.

If you’re interested in playing the game, you can find an English-patched ROM of the Game Gear version available for download 3.

So, it is my understanding that the game has four different dungeons and after you defeat and conquer them, you will win the game.
this is what a fight looks like. My group I recruited all myself

This concludes my “review” and introduction to the game. I did use the help of wikipedia but I linked all external sources. This game arrived to me, at a perfect time, because I’ve been feeling rather stagnant and wanted something that would feel like a completely new experience. I still am working out the game. Particularly how to survive and fight better in dungeons. Also learning money management.

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Disincarnate – Dreams of the Carrion Kind Review

Artist: Disincarnate
Album: Dreams of the Carrion Kind
Label: Roadrunner Records
Year: 1993
Wiki: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Disincarnate/199

Disincarnate’s album Dreams of the Carrion Kind was released in 1993 1The album features nine tracks, including “De Profundis (Intro)”, “Stench of Paradise Burning”, “Beyond the Flesh”, “In Sufferance”, “Monarch of the Sleeping Marches”, “Soul Erosion”, “Entranced”, “Confine of Shadows”, and “Deadspawn” 1.

According to a review on Encyclopaedia Metallum, the album is “a continuous checklist of elements characteristic of the most basic elements of the then contemporary death metal style of the Florida scene, a direct, cavernous style with rough riffs and even more guttural vocals, with songwriting that tries to be dynamic with occasional changes of pace and key, with occasional doomy sections and melodic guitar solos” 1The reviewer finds the album to be mediocre and forgettable, despite using well-known patterns and being a bit too long 1.

Ok so they think this album is too long, but I think the album presents itself with the necessary pedigree of death metal that must use the allotted time to appropriately express itself. The real shining point of this whole disc is the shredding work of James Murphy. The leads and guitar solos are all done marvelously and capture a lot of mood, atmosphere and melody. You will find this album catchy, and the tunes will get trapped in your head. Brutal guttural vocals and while nothing extraordinary the drumming pummels along this ship perfectly.

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Loudblast – “Disincarnate” review + AI help

Artist: LoudBlast
Album: Disincarnate
Label: Semetery Records
Year: 1991
Wiki: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Loudblast/944

Loudblast’s second studio album, Disincarnate, is a classic death metal record that was released in 19911The album features nine tracks1. The album is a must-listen for fans of the genre. What I find most hilarious is that the title of the album makes me think of none other than the James Murphy band Disincarnate, there are some very distinct and subtle similarities. What I am most impressed about is the leads and guitar work and solos. While nothing groundbreaking or at the level of harmony and technical of Death/Schuldiner it does serve its purpose and does make me want to check out the rest of their discography.

According to a review on Encyclopaedia Metallum, the album “definitely belongs to the best European death metal albums of that time, sadly at the same time it may be one of the most underrated records as well. In my opinion, this album has everything a death metal maniac should love and even more!” 1. The reviewer praises the album’s technical death metal sound, which is both aggressive and brutal, and the diverse material that ranges from blasting parts to slower, crushing stuff. The songwriting is top-notch, and the riffs and arrangements are fantastic. The reviewer also mentions the production from the mighty Morrisound Studios, which is simply fantastic and so well fitting to this sort of death metal 1.

In summary, Disincarnate is a fantastic album that showcases Loudblast’s technical death metal sound at its best. The album is a must-have for fans of the genre and is highly recommended for anyone who loves aggressive, brutal, and nasty death metal. 

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Cornerstone 2000

Let me first just say that my taste in music has changed quite a bit since this last trip, I still am into a little bit of Hardcore, but I furthermore enjoy Metal a lot more. Sorry I have no pictures, I’ll have to ask my sister if she has anything, I was able to find some youtube footage of some choice shows, enjoy.

CORNERSTONE Music Festival

Well, we left on Monday (7/3/00) at around 3:00 PM. The drive there seemed to take forever! But during the drive there me and the other people driving with us found ways to pass time, we wrote a REALLY long Cipher and just talked and acted crazy!


But we finally made it to Cornerstone at around 10:30 PM … but we didn’t actually make it inside till around 11:15 PM! There were literally 100’s of cars in line to get inside of the place, but we got in OK. When we found a decent place to camp, we got all of our junk from the van, and everything was moving smoothly up until we found out that we were missing poles for our large tent, which was going to be the abode for my two friends and me! so we ghetto rigged it and tied rope from both sides of it, and it worked pretty well. That night we met are neighbors, which were a HUGE blessing on us, mainly because we forgot to bring pretty much everything we needed. Anyway, when the night was all done and over, I sat in the tent and talked with Steven and Joe (two friends that came), and we did that for about an hour. That night I couldn’t get to sleep at all! It was horrible. So, I pretty much stayed up all night long.


The next morning Tuesday (7/4/00). Steven and I went out to find friends from back in town, and we eventually did. I was pretty surprised, anyway we chilled and talked with them for a little while, and Steve and I then decided to go back to our camp place and get the other people, because there were making plans to go get more food and supplies. So, when they did that me and Joe went out to go watch some concerts for Tooth and Nail Day. The first concert we watched was Luti-Kriss for that one we just watched what we could from outside of the tent, this one was played at Encore 1, and overall, it was pretty good, nothing to get bored over, but nothing to get excited over either. After that we went back to our campsite, to see if anyone got back, and nobody did. So, we just chilled for a little bit and found out that our neighbor that was doing most of the holding up for our tent was leaving so we had to take our tent down and put it all away. For most of the day, Joe and me just went around checking out all of the main attractions, I think I walked 10 miles that day! Well, later on I met up with my sister and her boyfriend, so we checked out some stuff, and did some things in between, like look at the merchandise tents and just looked around some more. While in the merchandise tent we got hit with a huge rain storm, so on our way out we went to go see if anyone was playing so we watched Third Root, wasn’t exactly my favorite but it got us out of the rain, and it was a pretty hardcore show, and the lead singer seemed to be very into God, and throughout the show you could tell from his strong message! But, after that we saw the concert of all concerts Spitfire! This was my second favorite concert of the whole time being there! The lead singer was moving around the stage like mad and just getting the crowd really hyped it was awesome! And I can only pray that the pictures I took were taken, because this was one awesome show! After all we did a whole lot of nothing, but I had a lot to talk about after watching spitfire. That night we configured ourselves me, Steven and Joe slept in the van. That night I slept like a baby!


Wednesday (7/5/00) Well, I’m having a hard time recalling what exactly I did from here on out, but if I remember correcting this was when we went to go see hip hop! Well, I’ve kind of turned myself away from hip hop and rap, but I can honestly say this was an awesome display! Probably the biggest attraction was John Ruben (Hope I spelled that right) he got the crowd hyped! It was a small show up of people to begin with, but he was awesome! Anyway, I got to see/hear a couple songs from him, and then I got to watch another hip hopper do a freestyle with a very talented guy by the name of Daedalus Perihelion that was an awesome little show of talent. After that, there were some guys throwing down some stuff, but I was too interested at watching the break dancing at the time! That was awesome, and it honestly made you want to get into it or make a fool out of yourself right then and there. Well, after all that then came up a guy, which might I add made very good friends with my sister’s boyfriend. Anyway, he worked the turntables, and goes by the name of DJ SkillSpins err whatever his name is! Anyway, he did some pretty awesome stuff. As it got later the place got packed with people! I was a bit angry cause of that, but it was pretty straight non-the less. But this was also when my friend Steven got up there and did a freestyle rap right up on the stage! I was amazed that he got up there and did his thing. It was awesome! Well, that pretty much concludes Wednesday.


Next comes Thursday (7/6/00) this day I didn’t really do much. I pretty much hung out with Joe and went swimming all day, as it was extremely hot during the day! Anyway, it was just a relax day. But towards the night, I was completely bummed out, because I missed OVERCOME play!!! I was so angry cause of that! But something so surprising certainly made up for it. It was none other than by far my favorite performance … Zao! This show was so awesome! Man, I cannot tell you how much fun I had at this show. I was literally screaming word for word the lyrics to each song, and moshing with the other crazed fans … it was awesome! and was certainly my most memorable experience at Cornerstone! oh, and I forgot to mention I saw an awesome show from Anguish Unsaid which played right before Zao. They did an awesome performance, and really proclaimed the glory of God, in their performance. And that pretty much summed up that day.

Next brings Friday (7/7/00) this was another hang out day, just chilled at my camp site and talked with the people that came with us, and our neighbors. Later on in the night we made our way towards the main stage. First, I saw Blindside, which was pretty disappointing, but I never really was a die-hard fan to begin with. Next, I saw Living Sacrifice, which was an awesome show! but I couldn’t really enjoy it, because I had a lot of stuff on my mind during the time I was there. (apparently Steve wanted to beat my ass and trtied to get me into the pit to fight him) Anyway, probably the main course for most Cornerstoners was the P.O.D. show! This was awesome. Not that I’m really a huge fan of POD, it still was an awesome show! But something went terribly wrong! yup, two people in the crowd towards the front of the crowd got really hurt and suffered from broken arms and legs (I think). Anyway, during this it was so awesome, and words can’t even explain what went on there, but the lead singer Sonny, just stopped! And kneeled over the crowd at the end of the stage, and just broke out a solid silence. After this, people in the crowd started singing praise and worship … and man did that send Goosebumps up and down my spine. Well, that was pretty much all that went down on Friday. Oh, and not to mention the awesome display of fireworks!

Well, Saturday (5/8/00) was when we all packed up and went home … and although I missed Cornerstone, I was ready to go home. I would suggest ALL believers and non-believers to check out Cornerstone, but if you’re going to go, PLEASE go with a clear positive and open mind. And just to point out, this isn’t squat! as to EVERYTHING that happened at Cornerstone, this was just about everything I could remember. For more information and insight, I suggest you check out the official page over HERE.

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Dank Zine and the effortless gaming community

It arrived in the mail today issue no. 65 of the Dank Zine. This is a project that I thought was single handedly done by annK alone, but apparently there is a whole staff behind this magazine. And I assure you once you have the issue in your hands you realize this is a professional done magazine. I remember when I was a kid, I made a magazine maybe 12-13 pages all printed at my aunt and uncle house, they hated me because I spent all the ink on this.

This issue features 20+ amazing dank art, Gamer of the year, Baron of Blood, Dead of the brain Fan Translation, Idol Project, Mortal Wombat and much more!

If you’re a frequenter of the webpage Twitch you will recognize a lot of the names included in this issue, especially those in the Retro community.

If you fancy yourself getting an issue for yourself than check out the following…


I would have liked to include more pictures but I dont want to spoil anything for anybody. And also want to share whatever is in my jurisdiction.

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My picks for 2023

I am a bit late to the party, but I thought I would include my selection of bands and artists that I choose for the year of 2023.

  1. My top pick for 2023 is none other than Horrendous. You can stop all the guesswork and just come to an agreement that this is the best slice of pie for the 2023 year. Everything else is an honorable selection.
  2. Tomb Mold – The Enduring Spirit
  3. CRUCIAMENTUM – Obsidian Refraction
  4. Judiciary – Flesh+blood
  5. Burial Hordes – Ruins
  6. Dodheimsgard – Black Medium Current
  7. Sacrificium – Oblivion

Honestly like pulling teeth trying to get into this shit anymore. I suppose I find some reinvigoration with the new Extol tracks and new material from Hope Deferred. But seriously I feel like I am just chewing on the meat from albums of past. I suppose I still cross my fingers for new Dead Congregation and more Embrace of Thorns.

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