the Trevor Project – intersex, God, man, AI… Happy Father’s Day!

It’s been made aware to me that there is a certain organization that shares my name, I was aware of it but never did any kind of research, or looked into it, because honestly why would I? I am not gay, bisexual or trans or interested in any of that. But with the recent rise and presence of the lgbtq community, in America and around the world, it started to get me looking more into things. And this is where I made the decision to call them on the phone.

I spoke to a woman, no idea of her name or identity. But she was very kind and respectful to me, and she actually was considerate of my concerns and disagreement about my name being used in this project.

She told me that the film was related to a person with the name Trevor, she made it sound like this was indeed a real person. She also told me about hermaphrodite and the term intersex.

I had heard this term before, but only vaguely and not in kind of detail or real explanation. This got me thinking about a lot of things, and as you can already guess…. it regarding (a) who is Trevor (from the film), and (b) are there any human hermaphrodites?

The term hermaphrodite is nothing more than the combination of the name of Hermes and Aphrodite, from Greek mythology.

This is where the lgbtq community has done something that has hijacked biological humans who are Male and Female and have interjected the term “intersex”. The fact remains that there are no human beings who are born with two male and female sexual organs. Because if this was true, then why would we need to make transexuals? and why would we want to brainwash a child’s psychology to become an opposite sex?

God man and women. There do exist species and different kinds of organisms and beings that do exist with different sexual organs, but as far as I know the human DNA and data I’ve seen does not support or illustrate any living human born with both male and female genitalia.

Sexual dysphoria is real, and people do have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. We live in a free world, but the education system and our society is not cooperating with each other. And we are getting ourselves trapped in this debate.

Good, evil? the moral law? a human conscience. We think we can use AI to help us with problems, I am sure it can. But something that AI does not have is a moral compass or an ability or an ability to decipher right and wrong.

God designed this creation perfectly well and right, it’s the corruption of man that destroys itself. And that is sin, and its real. And this earth does have a battle between good and evil.

I do not want to be any part of the “trevor project”, my name is not so unique after all. And the issues with life and death, is something of a great issue and problem. Because something I am seeing around the world is that there are a lot of people having children, who have no business doing so.

And we also have an issue with the declining advancement of our human race. Because we need men and women. And we need humans to corporate and be obedient to God.

There are programs in the world that are giving people the option to a peaceful death. And we do have abortion clinics.

I am conflicted, because this world is doing something that is wrong. The lgbtq community is trying to sabotage Christianity, and this world is on a decline.

Humans have something in themselves something very special, and that is a heart. It’s our life force, it’s the physical organ that keeps us alive.

Pride is a sin!

And the only true love I am aware of is agape.

Today I want to speak to my son, but I don’t think that is possible. I do serve a powerful God who is in control of this earth and creation. And ANYTHING is possible, and nothing new is under the sun.

Happy Father’s Day to all the MEN in this world, who do their part to help and support and love their children. Do your best to achieve the success and achieve the goals you set forth.

And thank you Jesus for your sacrifice on the cross, and your eternal love for humanity. God bless.

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Decide for yourself

Trevor M on X: “take down my web site…” / X

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Working on my webpage

I am considering taking down the web site and removing it completely from off the internet. If you think this is a good idea, please let me know.

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loose hinges

The door wont close, just right… it’s too loose, or too tight. The fucking door is not operating and functioning properly. It would seem in a time of dire demand we would find ourselves in conflict but its better off doing something for ourselves. So, get busy and start fixing those loose screws and patch up the spots that need a little bit of love and attention. I do need a Philips head screwdriver. Hopefully the landlord will deliver the prize, and on time.

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Hate Eternal: Conquering the Throne (1998) Album Review

Artist: Hate Eternal
Record: Conquering the Throne
Label: Earache Records
Year: 1998
Wiki: because wikipedia is accurate and right

Believe it or not, Hate Eternal was actually one of the earlier bands that I had first heard growing up. And it was this album that really got me into the death metal music. I remember when Eric Ruan was in Morbid Angel and his massive influence on the sound and music. He is an incredible musician and a man of many different talents. Eric is indeed the lead singer and guitarist. He does an amazing ability with creating chaotic melodies that evoke both focus and mood.

Speaking in terms of lyrics and context of their message. It’s completely fueled by hate and a distinct distaste for God and is in more of an opponent with the devil and evil wicked details. In the song “Catacombs”, they mention Mictlān the which is rooted in Aztec mythology.

A lot of the imagery and portrayals represent Christian and biblical beliefs, it’s very gritty and to the point.

I think it’s one of their best, I do enjoy some of their later efforts, but have not listened to much if not a few from Pheonix Amongst the Ashes. Their second album really did not impress me much. So, I do need to look more into their music.

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graphics and design

Some of you may have noticed the new banner image, this was made by a local friend for me. If you’re interested in his services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. And I can deliver the message to him. Please include either your email, discord or any preferred method of contact. I will make sure to relay it back to him

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US Presidential Elections 2024 | Trump Rally Today In New York Live | Trump Vs Biden | N18L (

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There is going to become a huge change in the flow and development of information

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Run Against Traffic: Holyname & Impending Doom

All proceeds will go to run against traffic.

Run Against Traffic exists to utilize the transformational power of running & community events to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Restore the victims of human trafficking in our world.

This is an All-Ages event.

Presented by The Glass House Concert Hall….

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repping 225lbs bench press – a standard in football training?

sorry cannot watch on my page, kindly click to Watch or use URL –

It was never made aware to me that the American Football uses the exercise of bench pressing as a standard and a way to determine an athlete’s strength and overall physical performance. According to Wikipedia the record is 51 reps by Justin Ernest in 1999. And from what I can tell the world record for consecutive bench presses is somewhere around 100 reps in total, I am not entirely sure how or if that is currently accurate or not, so don’t take my word for it and do your own research.

If you’re curious about how I do at 225lbs? well from what I can remember I could do anywhere between 8 and 10, and even that is a rough guess, but certainly accurate. And that was at my prime, I am now 40 years old and have had multiple somewhat serious injuries regarding torn distal bicep in my left arm, shoulder and elbow dislocations. So, I cannot say for certain what/if I could do today, and quite frankly I’d be a little scared to find out. I do however do my system of push-ups and find that much more fun and now with the advent of the information boom on the internet it’s really incredible at what others can do and accomplish.

Now that a lot of my injuries have had time to heal, I am indeed trying to get myself back into better shape and will be looking forward to sharing and helping others see my routine and exploits on this very page.

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Congratulations to Oleksandr Usyk the country of Ukraine

I’ve never been much of a boxing fan outside of fighters like Muhamed Ali, Mike Tyson, Butterbean and too many other of the famous greats. I know currently a lot of fans of the sport think it’s taken a change for the worst, but regardless of your opinion or maybe even a bit of a jaded or internal ignorance. There is no mistaking a man a with fighting record of 22 undefeated wins 14 of which were TKO/KO.

If you paid any attention to the fight or any of the post conference footage, Fury was in being incredibly prideful and having an overall “showboat” attitude. So, to get a defeat by decision, which looked an incredibly a lot like a KO, comes as kind of relief and incredible surprise when you consider the overwhelming size advantage.

Слава Богу за все and congrats from America!

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Voddie Baucham -“it’s not like being black” is being silenced by social media!

It was recently brought to my attention in an email that the upcoming book by Voddie Baucham is now becoming an obstacle with social media and God knows what else? he is asking for help in helping his ministry and the promotion of this future book, so I am sharing this information with you today. So please use whatever tools necessary to share and promote this.

Facts are facts and it’s no longer an issue of race it’s an issue of morality, and his book details and discovers the roots and problems that arising. I haven’t yet got myself a copy to read, but I do intend on purchasing and sharing it any way that I can.


Voddie Baucham (@voddieb) • Instagram photos and videos

please share his socials with others and keep people informed!

“I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” (2 Timothy 4:1–5 ESV)

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Hidden Embodyment unheard music?

I spoke to Garza many years ago about the disturbing audio on the track “Apocalypse of the Suffering” and had questions regarding the lyrics, but nothing came to surface. But now I am at a serious set of questions, well mainly just two… and the first being how can we hear the old material and two when is the actual full length Hope Deferred album going to come out? a matter of patience I guess, which is something of a virtue I’ve heard, so might just as well enjoy what I’ve already got which is a few tracks from Hope Deferred and the demo, I really should take some time and give attention to their involvement with the Famine, and how it sounds.

Any of you excited for any new music this year? or are you burned out on music like it seems is the case with a lot of people these days.

I am still in the process of hopefully entering into a IT role come this September, but in the meantime, I really should work harder on this page and pushing out content and maybe even live streaming more.

More importantly, I need to focus better on my overall health because I did get some abnormal results back from the doctor and my legs and lugs are not looking to good, so if you do have the time and the focus, please consider offering your thoughts and prayers for my health and for the reconciliation with my son. Happy travels everyone!

And remember the devil is a liar and a deceiver and he hates you, more than you hate yourself, he will not resist until your dead and that’s the dangerous part of this life because it’s not pretty or picture perfect, without time effort, strength, courage and dedication it CAN and WILL get better.

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now this does twirl a whole yarn of thread

Growing up I think of a lot of moments and happiness, but I never considered myself anything other than an imperfect replication of what other people were doing. I would always stand to the side and ask questions and want to get some sort of affirmation or some sort of indicator that I was worthy enough. Much of my earliest life was easier spent with friends and family and enjoying life for it all it had to offer, I was never confined or burdened by the problems and feelings that I have today. So, when I read this quote by Martin Luther King I really kind of thrown aback because it made me feel like maybe I am ignorant or stupid… and aware of these facts make me feel terrible inside. I do wonder who and what context this message was being portrayed, because it does up both uplift and make me question my own life.

Whatever the case I do admire and have always loved to hear and see people speak about Martin Luther King because he did seem like a truly great man. My understanding of him is sordid but just like anybody else in this world you never really know the person until you get to actually meet them.

It’s strange I always considered myself kind of stupid, a person with no good sense or any really good skills, but I think I might finally be actually embracing the pivotal and realistic ideas of a person.

We humans are a mystery and it’s any wonder that we make any kind of impact or engagement without first understanding the true self.

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got a transmission problem? you go to a mechanic; got a gender confusion you choose a morally bankrupt lifestyle to justify your hedonistic idea of life

Hello perfectly reasonable and rational individual you don’t might happen to have any ability to agree that I am a confused delusional mystery to human civilization, do you? says the trans people and the bull dykes out on the front lines to prove their acceptable misaligned lifestyle.

Reminds me of a chihuahua dog just barking at the mouth, just a loud and hilarious noise that is hard to ignore or deny.

The very fact we have this kind of individual in a position like music where they have an ability to influence and share their message, it is repugnant and senile. I do hope SHE does get her rage and aggression out, all the while doing the whole laughable gangster tough guy attitude. If bull dykes need a ambassador I think they might have their greatest spokesperson.

I do mourn and pray for them; I really do hope that the grace and peace Jesus offers will comfort their troubled lifestyle. The same goes for the likes of new coming degenerates like Cancer Christ, satan has seriously pushed out his delusional bullshit in full swing because these people are eating it up like a delicious kind of chocolate.,

Remember peace hope and perseverance above all else. We must conform to the likeness of Christ. Hate is nothing but a waste of energy and it allows oneself to succumb to useless aggression and rage.

I do not mean to patronize or mock and ridicule anyone! I want people to get help and receive the appropriate treatment they deserve. But encouraging mental illness and spreading it likes its some kind of gospel is truly the biggest and worst kind of blasphemy this planet has ever known.

This will surely ruffle some feathers, so please if you are a person in any kind of position of power please consider helping and reaching out to me. I would love to explore and share tools and means to eradicate and help humans survive and exist worthwhile lives.

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sasha grey + twitch + overtly sexual game = disturbing blog post

So here I am minding my own business and I stumbled across my favorite twitch streamer none other than Sasha Grey herself! and I thought I would quip myself with a otherwise friendly choice of words to share with her and the chat. And what do you suppose happens? The proof is in the pudding, they blocked me, And I am suffering innumerable 14-day suspensions here and there. The internet and these social media platforms have launched themselves into the mainstream in this disguise of some kind of objective moral law. When in fact they are indeed the ones that are exerting and exacerbating this disease of disillusioned lgbtq logic. Well, I’m fed up with it, and I hope a solution comes soon. Because with the tragedy of trans in competitive sports, and the slight chance of an awkward situation in a public bathroom this shit is really starting to derail productive civilization.

Am I out of line here? is this a ME problem?

Fornication and adultery, hedonism and origies everything is about pleasure and getting necessary fix to distract oneself from the core and root problem, and that is and of itself is SIN. It’s a simple solution but it requires the complete and upmost dedication of Christ and the cross and His triune reality of God itself.

It must be some kind of grand shock if this does get its share of viewing, because I am sure there are minds above watching that are trying to disrupt, distort or outright eliminate my message from being shared.

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Google does not support Christianity,

This is the message I received after my efforts to get something monetary for both me and other consumers. So, my web page will not be able to make any ad revenue. Which means I need to get to work, so that I can provide for myself and my family. It’s very discouraging to me that I am seeing people go abhorrently over to immoral sex and destruction of the human husk. Satan is deceiving you into believing that homosexuality is ok, and it’s a spark that can sadly lead you to hell.

DO NOT compromise your morality to be agreed with the acceptance of this planet, we are individuals and need to benefit the course of heaven, which is ultimately our eternal destination.

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Satan is most happy when you’re miserable

It’s a diametrical opposite position to be living in this life with the reality of God and man and the devil. All of this entangles and confuses a person ability to grow and strive in life, but it is all true and all fluid and instrumental in the pursuit of both life and life and struggle. So, sit tight and enjoy the fruits of the gospel, as it will both lead and guide you into a life of prosperity and worship of our all one and true creator.

See many folks today are in allegiance with a lifestyle that contradicts the bible, and they are doing everything imaginable to counterfeit it with some kind of false narrative. It’s all void and blank! and it does nothing but push and persuade others to destruction. Listen nothing worth a lick or a dime in this life is going to bring you joy or fulfillment with work, gratitude and effort. So you better get yourself in the business of believing and desiring the goals, otherwise you will be in the trap of hedonism and pleasure, which is sub liminary and to blame for the imbalance and destruction of this earth soil.

So, it is with much regard and consideration that you all do your due diligence and live your lives appropriately in the complete and total balance of the gospel. Remember if something is too good to be true it is probably true, and also that the devil is a liar and a great deceiver he will thwart poke and prod you to no end until your ultimately burnt out or worst of all dead. Make the wise choice now and accept and choose Christ. Blessing’s grace and peace be upon you.

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Sega Saturn – Saroo peripheral

Last year around the time of July, it was the 4th of all days yes, the time of fireworks and magic in the skies. I was alone, as per usual and I had the grand idea to call my long-lost cousin to see if he might be interested in a bit of the ol’ “ultra violence” hahaha… nonono not quite at the level of Clockwork Orange, but much more in the variety of gaming. So went to his place and we gamed for a good couple hour, on his Saturn of all systems. And then retired the day at his parents’ house, (my aunt and uncle) where we were welcome to the company of my other cousin and his wife and kids, and we all swam in the pool, and had a good day. It was a great day, and good food was had and lovely conversation to go around, nothing to abhor about. Well at the end of this whole excursion I was surprised and bewildered at the fact that my cousin is giving me his Saturn console! and as fate may be, he was given that gift from his own uncle, of whom has recently passed away RIP, God rest his soul. Why do I include these personal details? I don’t know and perhaps its a little raucous of me to assume you’re thinking in the first place, alas let’s get back to the point!

I now hold in my hands today a peripheral or cartridge as you might call it, that has the ability to accept a SD card in its property, and it will be your beacon or host of many games. I first heard about this device while watching a youtube video, or maybe it was a from the sega shiro guys? I don’t know, whatever the case it piqued my interest.

So as fate may have it, I searched around the internet for an acceptable selling price and finally came to the conclusion of using ebay. While I am aware that there are much more affordable options, I think I think I made a wise choice and am ultimately happy with the results.

So, after receiving said peripheral I worked my leges down those stairs with much excitement it was as if I was a kid again and getting my very first game gear or genesis, whatever scenario it did have in it some kind of magic. You can aggrandize or work into your scientism all you want, but this shit does get my candle lit. Much like the fascination with a motor of a car, or the grandstand enjoyment with fishing and golf. Holy shit golf?! I interest myself sometimes.

Well, there was a bit of setbacks with this device when I first got it. Admittedly the very course of setting up the SD card itself. So maybe I can offer you the reader a bit of advice and knowledge as to how you can get this working and enjoy it for yourself.

First things first you must get a SD Card Reader, I used USB3.0 Micro SD Card Reader, 5Gbps 2-in-1 SD Card Reader to USB Adapter, Wansurs Memory Card Reader for SDXC, SDHC, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC and UHS-I Cards, wow! what a mouthful. This little mechanism is the host of your SD Card to gather your necessary files and add the games itself. So this is where it got kind of tricky for me. Left aside the fact that I couldn’t get the damn tv to corporate with me in regard to the AVI outputs. So, after much tackling and trial and error I did get to the solution, and that is the very gift of the internet and community, alas the Sega Shiro crew had a guy of whom I will leave unnamed because for some apparent reason people prefer their identity left out of center of attention. Well, I am sorry you shadow warrior, but there are eyes everywhere and ears too! they diagnosed me schizophrenic for a reason. So here is the nuts and bolts of it all. You got to first take the said SD Card and insert into Cartridge, and this is where you must make a very specific File arrangement which goes PC > USB > SAROO > ISO and then copy and paste the scrap github files which are appropriately provided via google search or HERE.

Once all is said and done you should now be able to drag and drop whatever ISO/CUE/BIN etc. files necessary. I was provided with a 32gb SD card so only an ample amount of space, I was able to get maybe 30+ games on that card. So, I will be playing through the titles and cycling through everything.

So far, I’ve muscled through maybe 8 or 9 games and have had bad luck with maybe 3 titles. This could be a matter of the said files, or unfortunately fault in the product itself, but for the price and the results you get, it’s pretty much a no brainer a absolutely must buy product. I will hopefully be able to master and complete the Saturn library before my time is over, this is no small task, so I must be diligent.

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8 Helpful and useful webpages

1. Framedrop: Convert long videos into: • Shorts • Tiktoks • Reels .. and more!

2. TLDR It converts YouTube videos into text for easy access and interaction. Just paste the video link to summarize, download, and search through the content effortlessly.

3. GPT-Minus1 It humanizes ChatGPT-generated essays to avoid detection. It’s a lifesaver for tasks where authenticity is crucial, ensuring your content remains undetectable as AI-generated.

4. Perplexity AI It offers a solution to ChatGPT’s limitations by providing free access to the web, which ChatGPT lacks. It allows users to leverage its full potential without any cost.

5. Cutout Is an impressive AI tool for editing photos and videos. It offers remarkable features such as object removal, video background remover, image background remover, and face cutout.

6. Video2Recipe Is an AI tool that converts cooking videos into text. Just paste the YouTube link, and it generates clear instructions and ingredient lists.

7. Prompt Vibes It provides unlimited pre-written prompts for interacting with ChatGPT effectively. It simplifies the process of getting the most out of your interactions by offering a variety of prompts to choose from.

8. 12ft Ladder: Access any paid article without worrying about paywalls. Just paste the URL into the 12ft Ladder and enjoy free access. Read numerous paid articles for free.

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