I am not sure where or how to begin so I suppose the best process is to lay out a little bit of basic information about myself and then gradually populate this page with other information as it comes to me. This is of course the “About” section so an introduction I think is no not necessary but in the attitude of development I will allow this anyway.

NAME: Trevor

DOB: March 19, 1984


BYPRODUCT: UKRAINAIN, GERMAN, IRISH? I haven’t scratched the surface on my ancestry at all, so there is no question what exists in my pedigree. I like my Slavic roots but am very fascinated by the Greeks and Japanese as well.

RELIGION? Yes, I am a walking talking contradiction to good behavior and I have an enveloped relationship with Jesus Christ. And believe that God sent Him to die for humanity to live. This trifold behavior of God is well apparent and written, rather clearly. I am especially confounded by the stories, fables and myths of Iron John and Pilgrims Progress. I believe these alongside Siddartha and Greek Mythology open up your mind and psyche to a new plateaued of information and self-discovery. But at the end of the day this all must be gathered and declared in good deed that Christ is indeed the Savior our souls and that God sent Him as an offering to humans for our wickedness. I have banged my head into the concrete with an abash hate for God and it does no good but push oneself further into a misery state that cannot find solace from. My desire to be dead and gone after life does fixate on my appetite, but the spirit does lure and encourage myself to go beyond and live life in ways I never through possible before. And that is what is so exciting to me about Christ, God and Christianity. Is that it’s not a one semplice of information but an overflowing bounty that covers over all things and instructs and prepares me for life. My whole life work is to devote to God and to explore this and help others find Him as well.

DEATH BLA CKMETAL ETC How can I possibly conceive this kind of music as useful or entertaining when it detracts and disturbs the entire purpose of my faith? for me it’s no issue because I allow my aural senses to do as they may and if it pleases the senses than I let it be my leader in that regard. Some bands that might have too much of a penchant for antichrist pretext will be arbitrated and disregarded, but I’m rarely offended. For me, it’s more the overtly and obnoxious uses of sex and violence to present a message that is where I have a moral dilemma with music. I think there must be a fixture, or a purpose brought forth to establish whatever intent is initiated. My taste for music is for the darker archaic, cavernous and downtrodden to the upscale and melodious. I haven’t chartered every territory, but I fully intend to explore the space of music fully with an open mind.

DIGITAL GAMING its the polite and civilized route to say that I am average or mediocre at games, but I am not at any kind of judgement to say otherwise. I think that my dexterity and ability to play games is improving, and that is what I like most about anything in life. I like to see progress and see things move in a direction or a narration. So I guess in a regard gaming is like my gauge at how well I am developing. And by that same stretch of imagination is what I want to purport to you on this web site. I want to deliver, and hand scribe my own words and thoughts considered with art and entertainment.

PAST WEB SITES…. Before all this I was an html fiend and was always trying to make new and creative web pages. I think the web sites that I catered to whatever particular internet source, was well overshadowed by my interest in the fan aspect of web sites. Looking back, I don’t think I ever had the attention span to watch dragon ball or other anime, with the exception of Vampire Hunter D, MD Geist, Fist of the North Star… the emerging vintage class of animation, that is now officially devoid in the current anime circuit. I do not consider myself a fan of anime, the animation style today is lacking in my opinion. And I think that its influence on western culture is kind of disgusting. This is not to say there are not a handful of creative and great titles, but I think the majority all come from the 80’s to 90’s era.

That all being said I would like to share a bit of the projects I worked with in the past that were all anime/gaming related. Further proving my geekiness, that I have not completely came to terms with.

Internet Alias…

When I was younger me and a neighborhood friend wanted to be rappers. To be honest, I was never really into metal music until my late teens/20’s. The name came about from a wordplay of the common cautionary stickers on CD’s that contain explicit content, “Parental Advisory”. So I called myself adviseORe.



Various Web Projects… 
What initially sparked my interest in web projects was my interest and love in various different hobbies. The internet was a lot different than it is today. And not to mention for a long time I had only a 56k internet connection. So even browsing simple images took a considerable amount of time, streaming videos was completely foreign and unknown thing. Information was largely relayed through personal web sites, forums and various different internet communities, and even via chat rooms like what was commonly available on AOL (America online). After my infancy and eventually getting a DSL connection, I started to immerse myself in HTML and viewing source codes of web sites and then started to create my own unique and original web pages.
After a while I found it rather cumbersome and really not worth the effort to build and construct whole web pages, so I eventually started using blogger.com and other journal/blog type sites. Here are just a few of my past web pages of note.
Name: Remaining Memories 

About: A rather simple Dragon Ball page, absolutely useless content and most of which was stolen from other Dragon ball web pages. This was my first go at a web site, and if I had a screencap of the site itself it really shows. As I said before I am not a fan of Dragon ball, I was at one point fascinated with the character designs, and the some of the themes. But when I realized it was an expansive 100+ episodes of just poorly dubbed dialogue, and fights that lasted for several episodes. I think it’s way over hyped. And really one of the more comical series.

Name: Sega Reform

Version 1.0
Version 2.0

About: Having grown up with a NES, you would think I would have become a Nintendo enthusiast. But it always seemed like Nintendo garnered to a more family-oriented approach, while Sega had the balls to just put out whatever they damn well pleased. Reminds me of the first release of the Mortal Kombat games, the Sega version included all the blood and gore without a fuss. And if I remember correctly you had to type in a code or something to get the blood on SNES. Plus, something else that made me a big fan, was receiving the magazine Sega Visions. The site itself dwindled into obscurity with absolutely no viewer base, and little support from those that were once a part of it. Still has a memorable place for me. But its death certificate has definitely been set in stone.

Name: Torn X Souls
About: Self adulation at its finest, borderline narcissistic. But in all honesty this site probably resembles the purpose and interest of this current blog, then the other sites. It was a combination of reviews/writings as well as a heavily focused attention to personal affairs in my life. It was swelled up with enough teenage angst, to be taken seriously. This site went through several re-designs but I this was the only image I could find of it. So, deal with it!
And finally for miscellaneous sake, I would make it a priority in the past to randomly take a screen capture of my desktop environment. Rummaging through some old web site stuff, I found this old screen capture of an attractive Tila Tequila (she used to be hot). Random, I know but whatever.
The Rating System…
Not sure if you noticed or not, but when I review a metal album, I included a series of demonic goat heads to not only denote the evil spookiness of metal music, but also as 5-star criteria to give a more identifiable quick reference of my thought of the particular album. Here is the ratings all laid out and explained.

This is a perfect score and is indicative that I really like the music. Stuff that would receive a rating like this are Pierced from Within, Reign in Blood, Spawn of Possession, etc. etc.

Right on the brink of perfection, there is really no differentiation from this and a 5-goat head, but they may have left a minor statistical flaw, that I didn’t care for. Almost trivial to include, but what the feck eh?

The 4 demon goat heads indicate something of great credibility. Another differentiation hard to examine.

3, 1/2 goat heads are the brink of something good, but just doesn’t quite have the evil radar up to snuff. Definitely credible release, but far from the epitome of demonic perfection.

This rating is typically reserved for new and upcoming bands that have tickled my fancy with their potential to become full-fledged dungeon masters, dominators of any tabletop. In other words, average with potential.
Your dungeon master skills are not necessarily on the brink of failure just yet, but one more strike and you’ll be eating out of the bowl of wrath.
Congratulations the dark lord has still accepted you into these ranks of unholy dominion. Unfortunately, you are beginning to join the lower ranks. Merely sacrifice goats and drinking the blood of virgins, is not enough. Keep vesting your depravity.
Guess what you suck. I mean you don’t suck bad enough to not get rated at all, but you really don’t show much potential. And will be nothing more than a lower-class hireling for the rest of your days, unless of course you can summon the holy diver.
This is called the mercy goat, though evil and unforgiving in his pursuit of utter annihilation of the human race. He still has a heart, a dark throbbing hate incarnate, but a heart none of the less. This rating is reserved for bands that really blow the doing hardcore.
The ultra omega monkey award is given to bands that are stellar almost unearthly. This rating is astronomical, and rarely given to any release. Bands of this caliber are inhuman and are also the defeaters of the dark goat lord. This title is not easily given, legend says not even possible.