Pissgrave – Suicide Euphoria

Artist: Pissgrave
Album: Suicide Euphoria
Label: Profound Lore Records
Year: 2015
Wiki: N/A

One thing Dead Congregation taught me, is that not only is their music brilliant but the label Profound Lore has an equally respectable reputation. I used to throw around this accolade in the past without much validation, but I can say with certainty that Profound Lore has integrity that is lacking in extreme music market lately. So it is without much surprise that I found the band Pissgrave so appealing.

 And no I refuse to use the endless adjectives associated with death, vomit and gore, that I have found plastered about the group. Death metal has always had a reputation with death and gore, the lyrics, the artwork it all has been synonymous with the aforementioned. Nothing garners more teen angst than the offensive, and nothing is more repulsive than a prepubescent rebellion. With commonality of the internet, desensitization of humanity has become easier than gimmicky, “creepy” death metal album artwork, and song titles describing forensics and “gross”, things. In contrast I would rather see this kind of artwork on albums like Kanye West, Katy Perry and Nikki Minaj albums, helping the world to see what a deliberate contradiction they are to the existence of humanity.

Pissgrave though formulaic and a bit predictable, the album doesn’t make me bored or disinterested. They manage to offer a variation in sound throughout the album, it has dissonance, but an equally contributing sense of harmony. If an album at 30 minutes, leaves me wanting more they have definitely accomplished their task of finding a new fan. The vocals are unique as far as standard gutturals are concerned, sounds impossible to be human. It has moments of dark breaks, and just emanates that eerie atmosphere only death metal can accomplish. Not overly polished, which is what I find intolerable about the current flock of death metal giants.

I get an early Carcass vibe, it pays respect to the old school… all the while managing to keep it new and refreshing. Definitely worth your well earned pennies.

I do retract my statement about the repulsive a bit, I think that this genre of music requires a resemblance of the obscene, to really portray the ugliness of what death metal can accomplish.


This summarizes my beliefs, or lack thereof. I do to an extent feel a nagging on my spirit to exist, by something outside myself. But I will not subscribe to a human institution that brings about only contradiction and hypocrisy. I love the line, “if the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation for divine reward…”. This first season has some really excellent writing in it, a good deal of t&a but only to expose the aforementioned hypocritical views of the “believer”.

Irrelevancy will ensue beyond this point –> Its amazing how much restraint and discipline I have experienced from a lifestyle abstinent from sexual impulse and desire but also the ability to think for self, and avoid external influence (albeit the things which have a ring of truth to myself). I want to become something better than what I have been, which hasn’t been much at all.

Discipline of desires, not feeding the beast that gets hungry for the wrong things. Denying self the pleasures that only distract it from purpose, consequential circumstance will always remind it of purpose. It’s ignorance to continue down a path without realizing the consequence, I have to live with the conviction of my consequences. Betterment with a purposeful intent.

I am alive today not because nature interfered, but because the plug wasn’t pulled by a human being. I put myself in the position to be resuscitated, it was not divine interference, I think we all know in our minds what will be the outcome of our actions. If experience has taught me one thing, it is that, outside of myself no thing will clear a path for myself, the process can only be accomplished by my own efforts and ability. I think when a person hurts themselves and then considers their own survival because god pardoned them from death is selfish and hypocritical. How selfish of a person to believe the universe owes them something, myself included.

This ended up less coherent that I would have liked, but I felt the need to vent.

Gorguts – Colored Sands

Artist: Gorguts
Album: Colored Sands
Label: Season of Mist
Year: 2013
Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorguts

Gorguts never being the most accessible of the death metal variety, experimental and rather unconventional in their approach. But in a genre bent on the moribund, bands like Gorguts offer the vigor and vitality much needed to proceed death metal into the current generation. It seemed as if Gorguts conveniently fell into obscurity, after From Wisdom to Hate; leaving behind a solid collection of music, most notably (in my opinion) Obscura. They alongside Death, Atheist, Pestilence and Cynic became purveyors of the technical and experimental side of death metal. All this being said, only to anticipate the excitement I felt when word was out about a new album in the works. It seemed this and some of the aforementioned bands felt a need to satiate hungry death metal fans, which they accomplished to do.

Colored Sands thematically explores many spiritual and philosophical topics which entwines fascination and interest, while the music carries along a chaotic and oblique contrast. Speaking of which this album seems to be almost more melodic in its approach than other releases, maybe even more accessible in its ability to attain a listeners interest. Subtle strings resonate in quiet retrospect while a sudden impact of double bass and guitars explode. The production is regarded well, in regard to sound levels of each instrument, the bass doesn’t necessarily steal the show, but does remain a focal point of their iconic sound. Of course never missing is the agonizing and chaotic vocals of Lemay which, alongside bass are comparatively unanimous.

I don’t know why it took me this long to write a review, considering I picked up the release upon release. I just had another listen to it last night, and forgot how incredibly great it is. If you have not heard Gorguts before, consider checking out Colored Sands. I think this is a good release as an introductory offering of their sound, and if you can get into this I think it will only pique the interest to check out their other releases.

This gets an incredible accolade in rating.

three green bears eating honey and wafers while discussing life’s anomaly

There is a commonality to man, we all have this addressing issue of proving ourselves, whether aggressively or in a passive way (passive-aggressive). Within the current time, we find homosexuality an acceptable lifestyle and as such, man finds nothing more intolerable and offensive to have their masculinity in question than by being called a homosexual. A sensitive heterosexual man will endure a great deal of insult in the aforementioned.

Have a interest in human beings, and they will find a way to belittle and preserve themselves in a hierarchy construct to rank themselves highest above the rest. Those who wish to find acceptance, and be set aside in commonality will endure insult with the only intent to be socially accepted. This is the psychological equivalent of physical combat, with the only proponent to avoid actual physical fighting. The worse feeling a man may have, than to be mentally defeated, having no outlet to retaliate. I would rather receive a physical beating than to have a man feel some kind of superiority over me.

This reintroduced idea of mans behavior relating to animal conduct. A supposed christian idea of the fallen nature, the betrayal of god in the garden. If the theological principles hold any ground, than why do we all behave predictably the same? why do we have such this inclination to preserve delusion?

Man has this desire to contradict purpose

We want nothing more than to be accepted by human beings, we desire and yearn for the affirmation and welcoming agreement.

I only write this so somebody might know that I exist.

I feel like something outside of myself is directing me, that is the only reason why I try to continue and exist. Something powerful outside of me, that is greater than human beings.

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