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Happy Memorial day

Something I take for granted is the fact that my life is a result of the service of others. And I don’t just mean the military. But because today is memorial day, I think and reflect on the friendships of … Continue reading

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Monthly email newsletter available

I am making a news letter that I will release every month to anyone who is interested. Its going to feature a unique article pertinent to the specific news letter and will share the most new things featured on the … Continue reading

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In a society that wants “real”, we get no response…

Relationships and respect are something that I stride after, and I want to have and desire for myself more than anything else to get good relationships with people. I guess with my earlier years of life I would just run … Continue reading

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Scripture reading from my friend Josh

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this family from a young age. Its been a series of ups and downs, but I would like to think its been more up than down. I wont say their last name, for obvious … Continue reading

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leaky gut, lectin and prebiotics? I randomly saw this ad and didn’t think much of it, but out of curiosity I watched it to the end and I am actually feeling kind of down on myself because I am in the group of people … Continue reading

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Interview with the band Klank

In my infancy of musical knowledge I think of Industrial as a rather refreshing and breath of fresh air considering my large interest in death metal and thrash. Of course NIN is the undeniable favorite of mine, but there was an … Continue reading

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I am not a atheist

I do believe in Christ, and I am a man made from God. People like to predict and pretend, but then bend when its convenient.

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read between the lines……

I do not operate you, remember that. YOU, operate YOU!

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religion is greed, the bullet points at the DOT

I don’t think its rocket science, or even new age technology like floating busses and dragons breathing Barbie dolls with sparkly glittery things, we are well  beyond limits and boundaries of what death metal can and CANT. But my limitations … Continue reading

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