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Pestilence – Spheres – 1993

PESTILENCE – SpheresRoadrunner 1993Credits: Marco Foddis – Drums.  Jeroen Thesseling – Bass. Patrick Mameli – Vocals, Guitar.  Patrick Ulerwijk – Guitar. In the early 90s, a small flurry of death metal bands experimented with mixing death metal and jazz fusion. … Continue reading

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Frankenstein – movie – 2015

I randomly picked out Frankenstein to watch, my expectations were nil, as if nothing, maybe even burdened by the idea it being bad and having to stop watching it. I happy to say that I started to get into it … Continue reading

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survival of the fittest

I am not good with predictions, prophecy or telling the future. Infact I keep my mouth shut when it comes to predictions, I would rather watch the cards fall, and then decide for myself accuracy. It isn’t so much recognition, … Continue reading

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finally beat Panzer Dragoon Saga

At long last I finally beat Panzer Dragoon Saga, a long time coming but I finally did it. I do have some minor criticisms and a few resolved issues. The game is definitely not nice and polished like Final Fantasy … Continue reading

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HYPOCRISY – The Arrival 2004

HYPOCRISY – The ArrivalNuclear Blast 2004Credits: Peter Tatgren – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards.  Mikael Hedlund – Bass.  Lars Szoke – Drums.  Dan Swano – Lyrics.  Silenoz: Lyrics. – After a relatively quiet January 2004, the year’s first heavyweight release dropped rather … Continue reading

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Disgorge 2000 Forensick

Disgorge(mex), ForensickRepulse Records, 2000Edgar Garcia- guitars. Willy – Drums, Antimo Buonnano – Vocals/Bass The real deal Disgorge, the singular brutalists from Mexico… churning out the most indistinguishable noise and splatter. The production value is left to nil, maybe a little pocket change and … Continue reading

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appropriating social norms to conflict a human being

The alleged made some racist remarks. He is apologetic, but probably more for peace from fans. He has made same kind of remarks in the past, and his band and fans took no offense. But for some reason his current … Continue reading

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Meshuggah – Catch 33 – 2005

MESHUGGAH – Catch 33 (Nuclear Blast, 2005)Credits: Fredrik Thordendal – guitars.  Tomas Haake – drum programming.  Jens Kidman – vocals.  Marten Hagstrom – bass. Oh God, save me from this eternal boredom.  Meshuggah is sometimes entertaining and sometimes a drag. … Continue reading

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Sentenced the Funeral Album 2005

SENTENCED The Funeral Album (Century Media, 2005)Credits: Ville Laihiala – vocals.  Miika Tenkula – guitar.  Sami Lopakka – guitar.  Vesa Ranta – drums.  Sami Kukkohov – bass. Sentenced goes out with a bang, or at least one last slab of ridiculously … Continue reading

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Train hop to tragedy

I didn’t realize the article could still be found online. So instead posting the article here on the blog I will just leave you all with a link. The story is rather traumatic, but it paints the true nature of … Continue reading

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VADER – Black to the Blind (Pavement, 1998)

VADERBlack to the Blind (Pavement) 1998Credits: Piotr, or Peter – vocals guitar. Doc – drums. Shambo – bass. Mauser – guitar. I love Vader.  There’s no way I can write a totally objective review of a Vader album; I am … Continue reading

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Broken Hope Repulsive Conception 1995

Band: Broken HopeAlbum: Repulsive ConceptionYear: 1995 When I was first introduced to death metal music it was by bands like Slayer and Venom, two of which it took me years to appreciate on their own. But one thing bands like … Continue reading

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Lords of Thunder Sega CD

First things first, lets examine the difference in covers of the game. As you can see the Japanese cover just dwarfs the US cover. The american cover is just very generic looking in my opinion. I do appreciate an american … Continue reading

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playing DOOM Plutonia

 I am currently playing though Plutonia, I had finished TNT and have been heavily addicted to playing this, since I finally got Brutal Doom to work, it’s like playing on doom on steroids. It’s seriously a adolescent male’s wet dream … Continue reading

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cat calling, men are degenerate scum

Christen Brandt at 34th Street – Herald Square. January 28 at 9:52am · New York, NY ·  This is what I was wearing this morning as I made my way through a crowded 34th Street subway station, and a man … Continue reading

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