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Займенники та літературні слова чи предмети не ідентифікують вашу стать

I think it’s hilarious that for some reason people have this idea in their heads that you can just wave your hands and this magic fairy dust comes out of the sky and behold here is your brilliant discovery. No, … Continue reading

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League of Legends – the Boomer Chronicles Volume: 1

Did you know that chess is considered one of the most strategic and challenging game you can play, and its invention was dated back to numbers I’m lazy to research for myself, but if you really get down to the … Continue reading

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physical violence against 쇠고기?

I’m not exactly sure why but when I think of oriental cooking the first image that comes to mind is rice. Does this make me racist? or does that question in of itself blame me of my own ignorance. No, … Continue reading

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Demoniciduth, Enemy of Satan

Artist: Demoniciduth Record: Enemy of Satan Label: Vision of God Records Year: 2017 Metallum: YES It’s now 2023 and I am just discovering Demoniciduth a band whom you could carefully swing into the death/black mold. They have an incredible talent … Continue reading

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failure to deliver message

Do people take communication over the internet seriously? it seems like it’s more of an arbitrary or benign activity that we just casually parade through. For whatever its worth, I do see and acknowledge the messages that are directed towards … Continue reading

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