DOOM gory goat

I dont know what more I could do. I like this appearance, gives it a more realistic and gory features. I would shit my pants, if you attacked its original form, and it took damage and began to end up like this picture. I might play around more, but I am running low on stock images to manipulate. This one I’ll keep, its a lot better than my original, before this. I’ll show below.

This gives you an idea of all the changes I made. Any feedback would be appreciated. 

Cyber Doll Sega Saturn

A 1996 Cyber Punk RPG, released by I’MAX. Apparently this is on the only yellow label 18+ for the 32-bit era of gaming. Excuse me, but I am really just paraphrasing this from a youtube video located HERE. I found myself interested in the subject matter, and of course the art style and overall direction of the game. It’s definitely one of the most appealing games for the Saturn I have seen. It does contain a lot of english accessible moments, but the dialogue and story seems to all be in Japanese, making this title a rather hard one to figure out. I have not played this yet, but I will give my thoughts and see how playable it is, for an english speaking person.  This reminds me a lot of the Shadowrun games on the SNES and Genesis. The music from what I can hear is nothing special, sounds pretty generic and unappealing. 
This is a title I would love learn more about, and see if anyone could put together a proper english translation for the game, 

why should we die?

If we ask “why we should die?” the same should be asked why we exist. If the two have no purpose than the other, than it would be easy to answer this question, or the hypothesis, and that is there is no meaning in the two. So if your goal and ambition is death, then there is nothing to detract the purpose. The contradictory purpose of existence. Each escalated thought and idea, runs madly into a wall.

I wonder if since I think about this, than maybe there is purpose, maybe there is meaning. And if I answer yes, to that question, then there is a grave mistake in weighing in no purpose. Because if there is purpose, than that means that there was a creator to our existence. For whatever reason, enjoys to watch us, make a mistake in our decision, and end it all. Or maybe he offers this choice as an option to join him. But I can only imagine that he would not allow us to enter life at his time, than to disregard his time and take matters into our own hands and end it, without his consent.

image courtesy of dead congregation

I feel a grim reality in circumstance, and that, to me makes it easy to take orders into my own hands. The writing on the wall is something existential. The wall we run into, expecting collapse, or demise, but the same wall we accept collision, only lands us back onto our feet. Is this endurance to collapse, and get back up, the necessity of life. Is a creator balancing self hatred, and the endurance to find him in our recklessness.

I am not bringing up anything new to the table, this has all been discussed and observed as well as explained much better than I can. But I just wanted to express a though running through my mind. And a reason to do some graphics.

I suck at shmups vol.1 – the introduction

I think that I have made it clear that I love the Sega Saturn, a console that aged well because of its conglomeration of 2D titles. I think its appropriate to say that all of the older consoles like the Neo-Geo, Sega Genesis, SNES and so on and so fourth. These all have preservation because of the demographic of gamers who love the old school games. I am persuaded by the new titles like Doom 4, and the Dark Souls, Bloodborne series. But my heart of hearts belongs to old school. Nostalgia always seems to win, in the favor of simplicity over the next generation of games.

I decided to make a series of articles, that are simply titled “I suck at Shmups”, I dedicate a lot of my time to playing these unforgiving games. Dodging bullets, being aware of the hit box so I can avoid collisions with darting bullets. These games, are extremely difficult, at least to myself. I am going to be writing up future articles that are directed at a particular game, and I will share my success and failures with any suck particular game.

I am currently playing Gunbird on the Saturn. This title is developed Psikyo, one of my favorite game developers, for their dedication to offer the gunner titles in a side view perspective, and overall quality in titles. One of the titles that captured me was Sol Divide, a side scrolling shoot em’ up, that visually sold me. I like the enemies and bosses, and the overall presentation as a whole. The game doesn’t go without its shortcomings. Particularly in regard to the distance shooting, which is rather weak even when fully leveled, leaving you to melee attacks, that are more times than not a suicide mission. What makes the game, keeping you coming back is the powerups you will find when killing enemies. The game has two modes, one of which is more on the rpg side, and the other arcade which is more of a traditional shooter.

Back to Gunbird, the is the precursor to the second title on the Dreamcast. I actually played the second game first, but I felt right at home with the first one. The first Gunbird is all in Japanese, but to be honest I am not as interested in the story as I am with the gameplay. The title is unforgiving in its barrage of weapons firing some easier to dodge the others, and the hit box of your pilot seems rather small in comparison to other shooters. Though you can fly into other targets, and it will temporarily stun you. I have learned that it is best to keep your finger close to the bombs, because there comes times when it is just too chaotic on the screen to even think about dodging, this will temporarily shield you from the firing, and also clean up the map a bit. What is nice about this tactic, is that while you do spend a bomb, which would be better saved for a boss. More times than not, you will be rewarded a powerup for your weapon, but also a bomb maybe rewarded as well.

The game is fun, but I also share a lot of frustration as well. Repeating levels over and over again, thanks for unlimited continues, at least it appears so? but its terribly painful when you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again.

Well this is just a little bit of a synopsis as to whats to come. I do intend on making more of these articles, specifically focused on one single game. So stay tuned, as I intend on making my first dialogue about Gunbird. 

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