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DOOM gory goat

I dont know what more I could do. I like this appearance, gives it a more realistic and gory features. I would shit my pants, if you attacked its original form, and it took damage and began to end up … Continue reading

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Cyber Doll Sega Saturn

A 1996 Cyber Punk RPG, released by I’MAX. Apparently this is on the only yellow label 18+ for the 32-bit era of gaming. Excuse me, but I am really just paraphrasing this from a youtube video located HERE. I found myself … Continue reading

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myrkur an everlasting…

wave of inspiration and diversity, included is anti-american manifesto

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why should we die?

If we ask “why we should die?” the same should be asked why we exist. If the two have no purpose than the other, than it would be easy to answer this question, or the hypothesis, and that is there … Continue reading

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I suck at shmups vol.1 – the introduction

I think that I have made it clear that I love the Sega Saturn, a console that aged well because of its conglomeration of 2D titles. I think its appropriate to say that all of the older consoles like the … Continue reading

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I found 15 bands, who coincidentally were released in 2015

In no certain order, meaning there is no hierarchy about what number a band is listed. This was difficult for me to put together because there was a lot of music to go through. But as far as what brand … Continue reading

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offering a derivative of tolerance

Social Justice, tolerance, politically correct are all things that have become unearthed as of recent. Because our society is more concerned about people’s feelings, instead of leaving art up for proper interpretation. We are now doomed to a generation of … Continue reading

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the mighty saturn – a behemoth of possibility

When I look back into my childhood, I remember getting an NES console for christmas. I played a lot of super mario 3, milon’s secret castle, Astyanax, and believe it or not mad max. I was really into gaming, even though … Continue reading

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Panzer Dragoon Saga end of disc 3

Went on a loooong hiatus from playing this game, but I had a urge again finish what I started. This game is brilliant, and so many ways. I like this more than Final Fantasy 7 or any other top tier … Continue reading

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Scrapper 2013 – movie review, spoilers included

I find movies like this particularly interesting not because of the actual style or presentation, but more to do with the psychology of the character, in this case Hollis Wallace  (Michael Beach in the real life – third watch tv … Continue reading

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music ratings, and what goes on top

I wanted to make mention, that I admit going a little overboard in the ratings for music. I have made some inaccurate scores. Noticing a particular stretch, when it should have been left in the mid to lower score. I … Continue reading

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Funerus – Festering Earth

Artist: FunerusAlbum: Festering EarthYear: 2003 Incantation is responsible for creating a form of death metal, that emphasis itself in slow foreboding melodies and speedily transitions, without warning. I say they are responsible because there is more than a handful of … Continue reading

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genova gains

Jason Genova the man the myth the legend. An incredible physique, and physique that will never change.

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dragoon saga….

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