MU Legend – Closes doors

You can search around this site for all kinds of MU Legend related content, so its no disguise I loved the game. I really hope they get things figured out and do move in a better direction.
MU Legend an MMO I invested a lot of time/money with has now officially closed its door for an undetermined amount of time. If they want some publicity, here it is. Because to my knowledge nobody gives a damn about the game. I loved and played that game when it was on Webzen, but they then sold it over to Valofe.
During this transition, I never was able to recover my original account from them. Just shady and deceptive business practices in my opinion.
Not to discredit the game itself however, because it was actually very fun and I met a lot of great people through playing it. I miss lupa’s lab, the gear progression, its mechanics were decent and it had a great way of sharing and showing its DPS to players.
Theses developers need to see and find their key player base and value them like they value their own company, because without the support and player base a game will crumble.

pedophile priests and twitter

Do not let this toilet bowel drama drain you. Kindly adjust your eyes to your savior and ask with the most strength in your heart do you detest this deplorable scum?

Taking your spiritual life a little too seriously? here is a Twitter response to folks trying to recognize and accept religion. They then pervert it and drag it through the mud. There is sick shit hiding everywhere people, it’s not like this is anything new? priests and sodomy has been happening since the inception of the catholic religion, am I right? I don’t know, honestly. But this type of shit really turns my stomach inside out.

The fact you later see him with a smile on his face, truly tells a disturbing tale of what is actually going on behind the doors of our social and justice system. Do not dismiss or ignore the signals, if shit seems salty it probably is.

Do not let the media or news outlets narrate your thoughts, do your own thinking and think for yourself. I for one know we serve a righteous judge and He will right all wrongs.


some thoughts and reflection

After watching this video from Jordan Peterson he mentioned something interesting and said $5,000 income a year is sustainable for a productive life. A lot of impoverished, homeless etc. are trying to eat, find shelter have access to normal hygiene is too concerned about that to even consider normal functioning living. I’ve been homeless several times in my life and can attest to this. But I can see a progressive lapse in desperate times in America. So resources and community is something that may not be available as it was when I was homeless. Being vigilant and accepting responsible is essential and mandatory.

I don’t know anything about Konstantin Kisin. But do you think the deceiver and liar of this world would allow a skeptic to easily navigate a religion that requires faith and a relationship vs intellectual reasoning? This guy wants his cake and he wants to eat it too (all for himself no doubt), CS Lewis; said in Mere Christianity, “all the thrills of religion without any of the work”.

This brings up woke culture and LGBTQ discussion, which I find most entertaining. Because one thing that disagrees me with me and my conscious is this hate that I am starting to feel for homosexuality and it disagrees with me only because I am indeed feeling hate. And I know that the foundation of a faith in Christ is rooted in love and forgiveness. I’ve always had the stance as long as your sexual interests don’t affect me than I have no real reason to not accept you as a friend. But I know that on a conceptual and even intellectual level, the bible does inherently illustrates it immoral and as sinful. My heart aches for those who are raped and been assaulted and perpetrated by sexual degenerates. This is a topic and discussion that needs more coverage. Especially considering the jail/prison system houses some of the worst. And how do you reckon a survivor of gay rape cases who then becomes and accept this lifestyle. Or if indeed individuals are born homosexual. I’ve come to like and admire Voddie Beaucham for his views, but I am still uneasy about this.

I always like and enjoy skeptics, atheists and the like having productive discussions with believers of all faiths, because it examines and openly distributes the views. But as anyone knows and has to come to accept Christianity is that it is indeed a relationship and its foundation is in faith and trust in God.

Call it schizophrenia, call it the devil these voices really start getting louder in my head.


Live Not by Lies

I did make some changes to the site as a whole, I hope you like it. I am still not completely satisfied with the style and look, anyway take a look around and expect more content coming. And as always follow my socials and catch me live streaming. And please by all means join my discord

Support does motivate me

Ulterior motives and nefarious schemes to undermine or mask your true intentions is downright disgusting! please just will due respect and diligence give and provide because you want to see progress not because you you think your fueling an addiction. Life is not a parallel line, it is a chaotic and disordered mess that runs and roams as it pleases. The objective is to sort that out, and get it back to its parallel state. I think I will just leave this here and only look for donations through that. If you ever feel compelled to give or support me in any way I genuinely appreciate and am happy to receive the gift. And if you especially have a motivator in mind for the monetary donation let me know and I will do my best to fulfill that for you. But I really think I can put money into things that will help and build a better world.

Приховані мотиви та мерзенні схеми підірвати чи замаскувати ваші справжні наміри – це просто огидно! будь ласка, виявляйте належну повагу та старанність, тому що ви хочете бачити прогрес, а не тому, що вважаєте, що розпалюєте залежність. Життя – це не паралельна лінія, це хаотичний і невпорядкований безлад, який біжить і блукає, як йому заманеться. Мета полягає в тому, щоб відсортувати це та повернути його до паралельного стану.

Я думаю, що я просто залишу це тут і шукатиму лише через це пожертви. Якщо ви коли-небудь відчуєте потребу зробити або підтримати мене будь-яким способом, я щиро ціную та радий отримати подарунок. І якщо ви маєте на увазі певну мотивацію для грошової пожертви, дайте мені знати, і я зроблю все можливе, щоб виконати це для вас. Але я справді думаю, що можу вкладати гроші в речі, які допоможуть і побудують кращий світ.

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