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The definitive collection of essential death metal albums 100>90

The title sounds authoritative, but I am by no means a music expert, I just have listened to death metal music religiously for over a decade, and have definitely grown my ears to hear what I think to be monumental … Continue reading

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Ebola Syndrom movie review (full of spoilers)

(insert now cliche, but obligatory reference to Ebola in the states) Meet Kai, a otherwise ordinary man who likes the finer things in life, particularly raping dead African woman, making love to a chicken breast, oh and using collapsible objects … Continue reading

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when prioritized beliefs often contradict

It wasn’t made apparent to me my often pessimistic and cynical characteristics until my mid to late 20’s. I never made it a priority to become this way, it wasn’t like I spent a lot of effort in my days, … Continue reading

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whores of mankind

For some reason I get a lot of fake profiles +’ing my posts. Its not entirely obtrusive, but misleading and deceptive. If I had a way to block you whores I would.

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Interview with Dead Congregation

Much of today’s metal bands are a dying stagnant breed. We do still have a handful of new and old faces, that offer a refreshing change to the bunch. But it is rarely happening by new and upcoming faces. Which … Continue reading

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lets talk about shit, pun intended

Persuasion is an incredible tool, to landslide the masses into agreement. I have never been one to dissuade anyone in favor of my own self interest. I have also remained on the fence while the good and bad argue over … Continue reading

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individuality and influence

(this is more of a hypothesis, and nothing is concrete set in stone fact. I speak out of life experience.) Our interests and hobbies, things that we are more than happy to occupy our time with, how much of that … Continue reading

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indecisive bastard

Buying a domain and using its great amount of resources, has become a anti-climatic conclusion, it all sucks; well except for the domain part. I was using wordpress, and found it to be incredibly slow, so I had to ditch … Continue reading

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