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comfortably nestled in bed

no man admires fear and cowardice, it’s in our genetic pool no matter what background. Man was made to fight and protect, preserve himself and those he holds closest. We are an animal, held captive by the legalities of society, … Continue reading

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Deeds of Flesh Portals to Canaan (a continued experimentation in music reviews)

Artist: Deeds of FleshAlbum: Portals to CanaanLabel: Unique LeaderYear: 2013Wiki: Indeed My greatest memory with Deeds of Flesh began with their 1998 release, “Inbreeding the Anthropophagi”, I remember them always delivering the goods in the brutal department, rather heavily. I have admit … Continue reading

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Incantation Diabolical Conquest and death metal gimmick wtf?!

Artist: IncantationRecord: Diabolical ConquestLabel: Relapse, Nuclear BlastYear: 1998Wiki: because wikipedia is accurate and right There are death metal bands that are unique to a specific sound, and they are uncompromising by the sway of change and influence. They are in and of themselves … Continue reading

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Beyond Creation “The Aura”

Artist: Beyond CreationRecord: the AuraLabel: Season of MistYear: 2011Wiki: no? Canada has some of the most unique and memorable death metal bands. The obvious Gorguts and Cryptopsy mentions, but we also have Neuaraxis and now Beyond Creation. The Aura is a … Continue reading

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