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Conversations with self

I don’t think that there is an end to suffering. In fact, I believe that people have this inescapable dilemma inside themselves where they think that traumas and suffering have an escape. The only escape from suffering is from a … Continue reading

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мучеників (film, 2008) доповідь

У мене є певні стосунки любові/ненависті до жанру фільмів жахів, зокрема через; тоді як я хочу, щоб мене розважала чудова операторська робота, акторська гра тощо. Я вважаю, що мій найбільш шанований мотив для фільму «Жах» — це повне сприйняття повідомленням … Continue reading

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Українська мова/Ukrainian – English Resources

I have included a pdf and mp3 for English and Ukrainian/українець. All materials were acquired online and freely available. If you want me to remove these materials, please let me know. Я включив pdf та mp3 для англійської та української/українець. … Continue reading

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Disassembling hatred by examining separatism

It wasn’t ever a theory or a maligned intention to ever believe that in the beginning of this existence we would ever be conflicted with something as devastating and treacherous as human life. But with that comes the existence of … Continue reading

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My first ever death metal gutturals

Communist Castration | SoundClick

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Catch me live on Twitch


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Trying to organize the set better and arrange contents so it is easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. This is still very much a work in progress. I do want to forewarn you that the content in … Continue reading

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Site back up, updates will commence

Just want to give you all a heads up that you can disregard certain posts regarding this site as finished. I am now back in control and will continue to update and add new content.

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