yogurt goat lord

the yogurt goat lord

after finishing a plate of yogurt, this ghastly sight came into focus. Unsure of its significance, as to what it means and why it is on my plate. But I thought for archival purposes, it was worth posting.

tumultuous appetite

I haven’t entirely found the interest to post anything lately, its been largely to do with work more than anything else. I am experiencing my first day off from work since thanksgiving today. I had this idea for a post, but it got lost and I haven’t the ability to reproduce at the whim. I understand the attraction of this blog will always be from external 3rd party interest, like bands and movies. There might be a small demographic who will find interest in what I have to say. But in life, your worth and value comes only from the validation of others. People are only interested in things that are associated with interconnected interests. I digress. Maybe I will write more soon.

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